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12 things NOT to say to someone in a long distance relationship

I'm going to take a brief moment from the craft and redecorating ideas and share something that has been on my heart for a while. 

Long distance problems. 

Right now, my boyfriend and I have been together for 2.5 years!  

Love him... SO much!! In those 2.5 years, we spent nearly everyday together and now have gone into long distance for a year... and counting.  (Yeah, actually, June did mark 1 year of long distance in the books.)  We met in College, and I went home after graduating, and he also went home alllllll the way in Nevada.  Going to an LDR (Long Distance Relationship) was not an easy thing and is still hard to get through sometimes. Long work days and then spending the evening alone, no more dates or new memories... you get the sad picture.
I wanted to write this post because LD couples are far and few between-- so go easy on them! Separation for any period of time is hard to get through when your heart wants to be with y…

DIY Oxfords!

I am so excited to show you guys this finished product of my DIY Oxford shoes!! It is actually a Pinterest-inspired DIY, and I *love* how they came out!
I get compliments on these all the time! You can make them too!
Here's how:

I bought plain white tennis shoes at the Dollar Store this summer
and started by tracing the design I needed with a pencil. From looking at some Oxford styles, they have a zigzag design with dots just past the lacing eyes, a pointed scallop with dots on the toe, dots along the seam below the tongue, and a colored section on the back of the shoe with dots also. Hopefully the finished result of the shoes explain themselves better than I am right now concerning where to trace and then where to paint!

Once I had the desired pattern, I used acrylic paint. (Fabric paint would probably work much better, but this was just an experimental craft at the time.)

After I had painted the color I wanted on the designated area, I added the small dots all over the pencil drawn …

Blueberry-Nana Smoothie Bowl

A new popular trend I have seen lately are...

Smoothie Bowls! (Or acai bowls)

Basically, you just add whatever you like in your smoothie and pour into a bowl, topping with fresh fruit and seeds or nuts. Then you eat it with a spoon like cereal!

Most bowls contain acai berries, dragon fruit, and chia seeds. Of course, you make use whatever you like and it makes a great healthy snack or breakfast!

This is what I added to my smoothie bowl to try for the first time:

 Milk, fresh pineapple, blueberries, bananas and raspberries, yogurt, and a tad of sugar and lemon juice. (I didn't use measurements, just added splashes of each thing until I liked the taste.)

I topped the bowl off with pieces of pineapple, banana, and raspberries!

There are so many ways to get creative with this and I feel like making one right now!

Quick Bedroom Tour

Hey guys! Life has been pretty busy over here for me, and I just wanted to stop in and let you know I really appreciate seeing the views! I have some new ideas coming up for y'all!

Right now, I want to show you my bedroom style that I have just completed. I *had* a contemporary music-themed bedroom for years, and I recently changed it to lighter look. Here are a few peeks! 

 I bought the mirrored table at Ross, and I use it for my succulents, greens, and terrariums :)
I painted all the terracotta pots to my style also.

Of course, I have my amazing $40 DIY vanity for my beauty needs! Click here to find out how I made this!

 I wanted to keep my room accents simple and classic. The black and white signs create a pop on my gray wall. I love displaying my keyboard as a statement piece! My new white faux fur blanket is draped over the bench.

** Find out how to make the DIY picture display here and that easy canvas here (top right).

I brought in 2 stacks of pallets to create my bed base and ad…