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Small spring bulletin board

Here's another spring bulletin board I came up with! This creation is hanging in my Tiny Tot room at church! It's so cute and colorful and draws attention to itself as soon as you walk into the room!

"God makes spring beautiful!" Here's how you make it... Starting with a white background , add some green grass. Then, attach some leaves and stems coming up from the grass as well. Create your own flowers! You can make the flowers as a class project, or save time and make your own. Use any kind of material-- I used yellow tissue paper with rhinestone centers. Make some raindrops from light blue construction paper and add some glitter all around the edge of the drop. Attach the rain all over the board. Make a beautiful butterfly (This can also be a class craft) and add that anywhere you'd like... And finally, add your letters. "God makes spring beautiful!" All finished!
God certainly does make spring beautiful! Hope you enjoyed this idea! More teacher inspiratio…

Candle necklaces

I love this idea I've recently started...

Candle necklaces!! They're very easy to make and it really adds to the candle, making it look more elegant and pretty.
-Start by measuring the size of the candle's neck-Make sure you make the wire a tad bigger than the actual size. I tried it once with a cheap Walmart candle, but found out the hard way that the Better Homes and Gardens candles are slimmer in the neck, so be careful how you measure.

-Then, using a thick wire, create a small loop at one end. Add the desired beads to match your candle and/or room decor. (I decided to add some charms along the way.) Once you've created the desired look, add another small loop at the other end.

-Fit your creation around the candle and... now for the tricky part! :)

-Use a thinner, bendier wire to tie the small loop ends together to keep the necklace from slipping down the candle. (I tied mine really well on one end, but just wrapped the other end around and around to tighten it--that wa…

Pin-hole lamps

Okay, this is a super easy DIY craft I just HAD to share with you guys! It turned out to look so awesome! Needless to say, I was quite impressed with myself...

I bought a lamp shade... and found a design that would be best to match my room decor...

Then, I just taped that design to the lampshade, and with the help of my sister... we poked holes through the paper to put the design onto the shade. The light shone through the holes when we were done.

Pretty cool, right? By the way, use whatever sharp instrument you'd like, depending on what size you'd like the holes to be. We used a needle and thumbtack.
It was such a great surprise to see that it turned out so well! It's so easy! but I do have to warn you, it does wear out the fingers and thumb! All finished! Hope you enjoyed!

Organize your jewelry!

I love making jewelry, but the big problem is that I have so much stuff that I need in order to make it, but not enough room!! So I thought long and hard of where I can store all my jewelry equipment...
Then I found it!
A tacklebox! What a brilliant idea! I bought this one for only $10 and was so happy that I could finally have a specific place for all my jewelry stuff.
I love the big top shelves, and the huge bottom space for my containers... A great idea, right?