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Superhero Bedroom Ideas

I am thrilled to show y'all the finished results of my brother's superhero bedroom!!

This came per request of my 8 and 12 year old brothers, and I started thinking of cheap DIY projects to make this transformation possible, trying to include the best of both worlds- Marvel and DC!

If you are looking for some easy and cheap ideas for this kind of bedroom theme, continue reading!

Here is a quick tour around their small bedroom, and then a breakdown on the DIYs. :)

I got excited to start taking pictures of the results, I hadn't finished screwing on all the dresser drawer knobs... so please, try your best to ignore that!

Alright, down to the basics!

I painted a long raw piece of wood (no measured size) and hammered several small nails along the bottom. I taped school bulletin board letters (that's how they look so perfectly cut!) above it, and they love to keep their guns and weapons on display to grab and go! Ben also displayed all of his superheroes dolls (ahem... action fig…

Spring Jewelry Pieces

Here are some cute colorful spring jewelry pieces I have made!

Necklaces :)

These are candle necklaces- wire was measured and cut to fit a candle's neck, and beads were added. The loose wire in the back can be thread through the free loop on the right side and pulled through to tighten and fasten around the candle.

Long chain earrings.
Jump ring beaded earrings attached to chain.
And a few more necklaces.

DIY Scrapbook

Right now, my boyfriend and I are approaching one (dragging) year of long distance together.

Before we parted ways, I had created this scrapbook for him. This took me about 2 weeks to make, (because I could only work on 1-2 pages a night while I was in College at the time.) This scrapbook was a collection of:
-celebrating our dating relationship so far
-diary entries and drawings I wanted to share with him
-pictures of us and future plans we made together
-encouragement to get through the long distance
-compliments and sweet sayings that made him smile

I came up with so many great ideas to fill each page, and I wanted to share a few of the pages to give you ideas.
This is a great handmade gift that is truly from the heart. You can create this scrapbook for anniversaries, going away gifts, Christmas gifts, and so much more! Daniel loves it- he told me it was one of the best things he has ever received from me and he still looks through it often. 

I want you to get creative and think of your ow…

"Basket of Firsts" Wedding Gift

I wanted to make something special for my sister and brother-in-law's wedding present! I came across this cool idea to create a "Basket of Firsts", but it was just a basket or tub of different alcohol! :(
Since the newlyweds don't drink, I decided to recreate this idea by adding my own gifts to make their first year together special.

Here is my gift:

Of course, more occasions can be added for different events throughout the year!

Here's what's inside!

First Valentine's Day- Heart shaped cookie cutters (which I know will be super useful for my sister!)
First Christmas- A sprig of mistletoe (plenty of kissin'!)
First dinner- Spatula 
First Anniversary- A cute wooden sign to hang up

 First Home- DIY wipe off board
 (So easy! Measure and cut a piece of scrapbook paper stating "Thank you for..." or "I love you because..." and put it inside a small or large picture frame. Any dry erase markers can be written and easily wiped off the glass! Write a…