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Teacher Ideas for Fall (Perfect for Fall Week)

Here are a few ideas you can do with your student, child or the whole family! By now, you should know that my favorite season is Fall time! So, if you love Fall as much as I do, you can take advantage of this season by going out and doing these activities.

First, we went on a nature walk.

It wasn't as colorful as I liked, but the ground was covered in Fall leaves! So he filled his bag full of sticks, acorns, pinecones, berries, and of course, leaves! We came back to class and dumped out the contents and admired each leaf he hand picked. Next, we taped one of the leaves to the table and placed a sheet of paper over it. He rubbed a crayon over the sheet, revealing the leaf underneath! Here are a couple more we did. He liked this craft. It seemed like magic to him when he rubbed the crayon over plain paper, and then it had revealed a detailed leaf after he was finished! So, here's another activity we did with our Nature Walk finds: (It just so happened that we were learning the letter &q…

Outdoor Fall Decorating!

This is the way we decorated for Fall outside this year!
Here's how you can do it too! Most of these thingsare easy to find around the house or garage, but if you don't have these things, you can also buy them for very cheap at stores and farms. I pulled our old Radio Flyer wagon out to middle of our sidewalk patch. And piled some pumpkins and leaves inside. It was quite handy that we had the mums planted there too! Next, I decorated the corner of the house next to the door. All your going to need is a hay bale, corn shocks, and some pumpkins and gourds. These can all be bought when you go pumpkin picking at your local patch. That is also a VERY great idea to do for a Fall activity wth your family, by the way! Place a pitchfork into the bale, and add some pumpkins, Indian corn, and gourds in front. Set an apple bushel basket on the bale, tip it over onto its side, and fill it with Fall leaves until they're spilling out. Nestle in some gourds and small pumpkins. Place and o…

Delicious White Hot Chocolate

Fall time is the perfect time for a nice warm cup of hot chocolate with a good book, curled up in a blanket!

This recipe is super easy, yet so delish! It's foamy, creamy, rich...

Thirsty yet? I'll give you the recipe... then you can go make it!

This recipe can make 2 servings:

*Start with 2 cups of milk. (Personally, I like using the stove top when making hot drinks!)

*Add 2 teaspoons of vanilla

*Add in 1 cup of white chocolate chips! (I just realized that all of my recipes are under the "Health" label... Well, this one's not too healthy, but it sure is good!) *Add caramel (Optional). *Heat up all the ingredients until it starts to slightly bubble. You don't want it TOO hot! * Pour your yummy - ness into the mugs and add whipped cream if desired *Take a small sip and then enjoy the rest! Thanks for reading!

DIY Colored French Manicure in 3 Steps!

This is very simple to do and looks very nice once it's finished! You can use any color polish you'd like to match your outfit, too. *Start with a base coat *Paint a stripe of color at the top of the nail, making it as thick as you want. (An easy way to make a non-mess stripe is to hold the brush still over the nail and roll the finger towards the brush, covering the desired area!) *Next, Using a black striper brush, paint a thin black line below the color (Use the same technique as listed above in the 2nd step.) And that's it! It's incredibly easy! I hope this helped someone out! Thanks for reading!

Farm Themed Sensory Bin

I love sensory bins, and I managed to find (and make) a sensory bin just in time for our farm week!
This was one of his favorites! Using colored and plain macaroni as the base, I also provided a small container full of dirt off to the side. Don't forget to add all of the farm animals and tractors!
I made that barn from a puzzle box lid we had laying around. The door can also open! You can't see it, but he put all of the cows inside the barn. He played with this bin for at least 2 hours! That's why I made this the very last project for school that day! I think his favorite part about this bin was the container of dirt. He loved planting the "crops" (soup beans) in there and then using the farming tools to dig them back up . . . Loading them into his tractor , And feeding them to the piggies behind the fence he built for them! I think this bin is great for promoting active play, creativity, and imagination!

Sorting and Matching Activity for Farm Week

Here's another cute idea you can try for your little preschoolers! It's a sorting and matching activity.

Using 4 buckets, I drew 4 farm animals and taped them to the buckets. A sheep, a chicken, a pig and a cow. Aren't they cute?

Anyway, I provided 4 objects that represent those animals. He had to think about which object matched with the right picture.

After he figured that out, he sorted out the whole pile of things I gave him. It was an excellent learning idea. You'll have to try it out for yourself! The cottonballs were for the sheep, the yellow and white feathers were for the chicken bucket, the pink chenille stems curled into springs were for the pig, and the blacks and white circles (spots) were for the cow. Thanks for reading!

Counting on the Farm with our Thumbs!

This activity is Oh So Cute! It could be a craft, a time - filling activity, a great math project, or an idea to inspire his or her creativity and imagination!

All this week, we have been learning about life on the farm. Cows, chickens, pigs, goats, farmers, tractors, you name it, we learned about it. And the possibilties are endless when it comes to finding activities and crafts to do with my brother on the theme of "farm!"

Well, Tuesdays are Math days and I decided to use this idea for his counting. You can use this project for anything, really! 

I started with a grid and put in numbers with different farm animal names.
I let him do the work by himself. He recognized the number right away, dipped his little thumb in the paint, ( an inkpad can work just as well!) and stamped his print to match the numbers in the grid. I kinda helped him decide which color to choose for each one.

Although a pink chicken would be pretty cute! :)

When it had dried, I drew faces on the little thumbp…

Autumn Decor: Mantle or Large Shelf

Here is another decorating idea for the Fall time.
                        Decorating a mantle or large shelf:

More cluttered than some would like, I know. And when I gathered all of the decorations together, I was afraid that it would look junky, but turns out, I ended up liking it a lot!
I did buy most of my decorations for this display, but some of the decorations I made myself! And here they are:
I made this pillar candle for the shelf. (It's really easy)
Using a large vase,
fill the jar with brown raffia and then place the candle inside. (By the way, that candle just BARELY fit in there!) Then, stuff some fall leaves around the candle  - make sure some of it is peeking out.

Be careful when lighting it, we don't want any leaves or raffia catching on fire! :0

I also added a small fall picture on there.
(Find out how to make this decoration by clicking here)

Also, I added an old wooden sign against the back of the wall on the shelf:
(Find out how to make this sign and others by click…

Mod Podge Sheet Music Pumpkins

Here's a pretty cute Fall decor idea you can try out:

Sheet Music Pumpkins!

It's very simple to do, and here's how: (I wanted to do this post earlier, but half of my tutorial pictures were gone! It's still a mystery to this day, but I'll try to do my best at explaining... Those pictures sure would have helped, though...)

Start with some sheet music of course, and by the way, you don't have to use this print. My room happens to be decorated in a music theme, and I wanted my pumpkins to match my decor, but you could always use newspaper, book pages, or anything really!

I stained my pages first. This is also very simple to do: Let the desired pages sit in new or used tea, (coffee can work too) for a few hours, and then hang them up to dry! Rip off pieces and stick them on a choice pumpkin. (Don't blow big money on the pumpkins... they're going to get covered up anyway! Use the 97 - cent ones at Walmart!) Use Mod Podge to keep the pieces on the pumpkin. This is t…