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Our Annual Ornaments for 2016

So! Every year, I find an ornament to sum up what we've done throughout that year. These ornaments will eventually hang on our tree in the future as a reminder of our years together. It's a new tradition I started. 
I couldn't find the right ornament this year because so many great things have happened! I couldn't decide between visiting Las Vegas for the first time, finishing College, going to Mexico... so I made two! 

The ornament on the left represents the time I spent with him this summer down in Mexico. We had a great time riding quads, hanging out on the beach, and shopping! Those are small shells I found on the beach while I was there, and I just dumped them into a clear ornament bulb I bought at Walmart for $2.50!

The second ornament I made this year represented our long distance relationship status. Since the majority of this year was spent apart, I wanted us to look back and remember those days and how it made us stronger as a couple in many ways <3

It was so …

Grinch Christmas Care Package

Since my boyfriend and I will be long distance this Christmas, I created this package for him to receive sometime this week! If you are the same boat as me, I feel your pain!
The Grinch Stole My Boyfriend  is the theme for his care package and I am so excited for him to receive it! I free-handed the Grinch on the bottom flap.

Here is what I put inside his package *in addition* to his wrapped gifts:

Christmas snack mix: Click here for the quick 5 minute recipe!
His stocking full of goodies: Click over here to see the treats I put 
                                              inside this year! 
Christmas themed photo shots of myself
Some cute Christmas puns and jokes.

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Stocking Stuffer Ideas for your Guy!

My boyfriend's Christmas care package should be arriving at his house soon! I enjoyed putting his gifts together, including his stocking, which is always filled with treats and goodies he loves! 

 "Miel" is a sort-of pet name I've given him. It's Spanish for "honey" and it's just what I've come to call Daniel. So Miel is the name I painted on his stocking. I'll just brief y'all on what is inside his stocking this year:
-Candy canes
-Hershey kisses (along with my lipstick print to ring in the New Year with a "kiss" - - Long distance, you see.)
-A bag of (chocolate) coal from Santa
-His favorite candy! Blow pops, Dove chocolate and M&Ms. 
-Sunflower seeds (His absolute fav!)
-Transparent ornament (these can be found at Walmart for $1. I put a love letter inside)
-Blank ornament for writing a cute message
-Cute beanie baby- Pugs are his favorite dog

Here are a few more ideas you can also include:
-Beard or shaving oil (you can DIY with …

5 Minute Christmas Snack Mix

This is a great snack mix to create in a pinch for parties, gifts, or just to munch on! 

It's the perfect sweet and salty mix! I packaged it in a Pringles container wrapped in Christmas paper.

1 bag Bugles Chips
1 package pretzel twists
1 box Frosted Cheerios (They had the festive Cookie Crisp sprinkle 
                                    cereal out for Christmas- I used that instead!)
1 bag red and green M&Ms

I tossed all the ingredients together in a bowl. I broke the pretzel twists into pieces for easier munching! You can also add white chocolate to coat the mix if you'd like.

 It can also be scooped into pretty cellophane bags and handed out as gifts for any occasion!

Christmas Canvases

Christmas is just 12 days away!
If you're starting to panic about finding the right gift for your family or friends, here are a few ideas! Walmart sells various sizes of canvases starting at $4! These are my Christmas-themed canvases I have made for relatives this year! Such a ~cheap~ and personal gift to give to your loved ones! I even used a few of these for decorating!

I made this sign for my boyfriend's parents. They've been so kind to me this summer when I visited.
 My brother just bought an apartment and I made the top left canvas as a gift for him. He and his girlfriend started dating on July 15th. I added the date to make it more personal and he can put it in his new home.

I wasn't very pleased with the results of the bottom left canvas. So I added a couple touches and felt better about it afterwards!

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2016 Christmas Decor Ideas

Hey y'all! This year I was home for the holidays and was able to help my mom decorate the house for Christmas! She wanted to keep the rustic country theme, so we used whatever decorations she had and just rolled with it! I'm going to give you a quick tour of our room decor today! Hope it inspires you to try some new ideas this year as well!

Her fireplace looks perfect! We added some little brown stuffed mittens my siblings colored for us along the edge of the fireplace. The basket of poinsettias and pinecones looks so cute!

We found a bicycle hub in the garage, and I added some pine garland and book page letters spelling out J-O-Y attached to the spokes with clothespins. Mini clothespins might work better for this DIY. 
Next to the wheel, a small wreath was hung in front of a mirror. The mirror reflects the Christmas lights in the evening which adds a nice touch.

 As a side table display, we laid some faux snow inside an old Russell Stover candy tin. We added the finishing touch…

Yoda Poster

Since my boyfriend was a huge fanatic of the new Star Wars movie, I thought this would have been a great addition to the rest of his birthday gift in February to give him an extra smile! 
It's just how I like it-- super simple!

Painting a sheet of card stock brown and layering a darker shade, I free handed a silhouette of Yoda's head and filled it in. 
I attempted the "Star Wars" font because I didn't have access to a printer for a legit sample to follow. 

There you go! Excluding drying time, this craft only took about 10 minutes. He loved it and I enjoyed how it came out! 
Hope this helps!

Thanks for reading!

$10 DIY Snowflake Door Wreath!

So excited to show you guys my Christmas door decoration! An easy $10 DIY! My favorite part about is that it's covered in glitter!

Just in time for the holidays, I bought two giant white and silver snowflakes at Walmart, along with a pack of mini gold snowflakes (found by the colored ornaments). About 5 minutes with a hot glue gun, I had finished! 

The large snowflakes already had a string attached, so I had no worries about how to hang it. I added dabs of hot glue in random spots and attached the snowflakes on top of each, creating a falling effect. Of course you can add more snowflakes to make a larger wreath and fill the empty space of a bigger door.

 Thanks for stopping by to read! Hope it inspired you today, Christmas is just 22 days away and I'm getting SO excited!
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