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My first studio! (Tour)

Hey guys! It has been quite a while since I posted, but saying that I've been pretty busy in the meantime would be an understatement! I just moved out of state and signed my lease for my own studio apartment, and I am in love! Let me show you the decor!

I love combining the colors black, white and gold together right now, and I also love adding textures and patterns to the mix. I coordinated my pillows with my theme, and added a fur rug for personality. My black futon doubles as a bed and a couch, since the apartment is a bedroom/living room combined! The pillow covers were all bought on for about $2!

I used a picture frame to display my ottoman centerpiece. I was able to decorate just in time for Fall.

 Next to my bed are the built-in shelves. I styled my display with the same gilded theme. Succulents, candles, vases, and signs compliment the wood shelves. I tried finding trendy and quirky knickknacks to take room on the shelves, like that gold pear.


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