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"Open When" envelope ideas

Recently, 'open when...' letters have become popular to make and give in relationships. If you are not familiar with this trending DIY, it is basically a topic you're boyfriend/girlfriend might be going through.
You fill the envelope with a heartfelt card and other items and notes in the envelope that might help make his/her day!
Emotions are a good place to start for a topic.

Let me show you the three I made for Daniel:

This first one is: "Open when we've had a fight."

 I'm not sure what fight we might have that makes him want to read this letter, so I wrote an "apology in advance" note. I also included some cute note cards that say "I'm sorry!" in mismatched stickers, a couple of jokes and memes, something that expresses what he means to me, and a couple of bandaids.

The next "open when..." envelope I made was 'if he needs to hear a compliment.'

I included a card expressing what he really means to me, a bag of confet…

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