Gluten Free Cream Puffs

I have a delicious recipe to share with y'all today! There are a lot of steps, but trust me, it's worth the extra time to create these beautiful desserts!

PASTRY: 1 cup water 8 TBSP. butter 3/8 cup King Arthur's gluten free flour 4 large eggs
CREAM PUFF FILLING: 2 cups heavy or whipping cream 1/4 cup sugar
ICING: chocolate chips  coconut oil (for easy melting and desired dripping consistency.)

HERE'S HOW TO MAKE THEM! *Preheat oven to 450 degrees F. Lightly grease a baking sheet and set aside. *Combine butter, water, and salt in medium sized saucepan. Heat until butter is melted and bring to a rolling boil. *Remove pan from heat, and add flour all at once, stirring vigorously.  *Reduce the heat to medium. Return pan to burner and cook, stirring all the while until mixture for smooth, cohesive dough. This should take less than a minute. *Remove pan from heat, transfer dough to a stand mixer bowl and beat at medium speed to cool it for 5 minutes. It'll still be warm, but you should b…

New Coffee Kitchen!

We just finished re-decorating my Mom's kitchen! I recently posted about the new Dining Room reveal, but now I want to show you how we changed the kitchen! 
She had the same theme as the dining room- chickens and barns decor, with mustard yellow paint on the walls!
It took us a full day to change everything and I'm going to show you all that we did!

We added a new burlap coffee sign, with a coffee cup of flowers to decorate one of her cabinets. We also repainted her walls cappuccino brown. 

We changed out her chicken clock for a new coffee clock and added some small canvases. The right one is made of coffee beans I hot glued, and the left canvas has a coffee cup in the corner with the Bible verse: "my cup runneth over."

We added a small cooking station next to her oven- a small crate with mason jars to hold her "essential" utensils, and a sign behind her seasoning spices and wooden spoons.

Here are a couple more signs we added in the kitchen!

Lastly, we created a …

Sunshine Grief Gift

One of my friend's grandmother passed away, and I wanted to give her something to cheer her a little. I decided to get her a small gift bag filled with "sunshine" in hopes to "brighten her day" a little bit more.
Here's what I put inside! 

Coffee, chocolate, tissues, chapstick and a small candle. 
She just loved it!

Sometimes, it's difficult to think of the right words to say to someone that is dealing with loss or death. The kindest gesture is to create a basket of bag of gifts to let them know you care and sympathize.

Thanks for reading and I hope this was a help to give you some ideas today!

4th of July Weekend Wrap-up!

What a great holiday I've spent with my family this year! I was able to get 2 days off for the the Fourth, and we took advantage of it!

To start off the weekend, we headed to the Orchard to pick some blueberries and raspberries :)

We ended the day of picking by making fresh blueberry smoothies after dinner!

First thing Monday morning, we headed to Indiana Dunes and spent the day there! It was a beautiful day for the beach!

 We made it home in time to watch the parade in our small town following some fireworks. :)

The next day, on the 4th of July, we celebrated by watching a parade in the next town.

Does anyone else have tractors in their parades-- or is that an Indiana thing?

After the parade, we had a cookout at home, with some water balloons and lawn games :)

                         *My Independence Day Display*

When night came, we packed up and headed to watch more fireworks.

Overall, it was a great holiday spent with the family! I'm thankful for the freedom to even celebrate our …

Zombie Apocalypse Care Package

I just finished my latest package for my boyfriend this week! I'm so excited to show you how I put this together!

I just loved how it all came out! Daniel loves the Walking Dead TV series, and I decided to put an apocalypse survival box together, you know, just so he can be prepared. ;)
Here is the box:
I painted the flaps with acrylic paint, and stamped my painted hand print on the flaps, dragging my hand once I laid it on. I also added (a very badly painted)  bio hazard sign. I used a little bit of watered down paint to splatter "blood".
Here are some of his favorites I packed inside his box.

I covered them all with brown packaging paper, and labeled them to look like they are part of a survival kit.
Protein- Slim Jims Water Purifier- Koolaid flavored powder for drinks Zombie Repellent- Axe body Spray TNT- Pop rocks Carbs- Yakisoba or Maruchan Rope- Sweet-tart (or nerds) rope Energy- Granola bars The Vaccine- Tic tacs Bandages- Bandaids Carol's Cookies (TWD reference)- Chips ahoy…

Farmhouse Dining Room Decor (On a Budget)

For several years, my Mom had the classic "hens and chickens" dining room and kitchen decor, with mustard yellow walls... That all changed last Saturday. We are about to move onto the living room and give that a fresh modern look as well! I'm excited to reveal the simple farmhouse decor today!

I wish I had thought to add some 'before' pictures, because it was QUITE a transformation, but I think these 'after' pictures will be good enough! 

We started with a calm, neutral color and found decor to match the scheme she wanted. I lot of her hues were found in nature-- different shades of brown, sage green, sky blue, and we added white to give it a clean pop.

We scored by finding an old window pane for $3 at a yard sale! I repainted it and attached it to the wall, adding a heart wreath in the center with a suction cup hook. (Another yard sale find for $0.25!)

Mom took away the bright red table runner and replaced with doilies. The centerpiece was a metal basket (@ …

12 things NOT to say to someone in a long distance relationship

I'm going to take a brief moment from the craft and redecorating ideas and share something that has been on my heart for a while. 

Long distance problems. 

Right now, my boyfriend and I have been together for 2.5 years!  

Love him... SO much!! In those 2.5 years, we spent nearly everyday together and now have gone into long distance for a year... and counting.  (Yeah, actually, June did mark 1 year of long distance in the books.)  We met in College, and I went home after graduating, and he also went home alllllll the way in Nevada.  Going to an LDR (Long Distance Relationship) was not an easy thing and is still hard to get through sometimes. Long work days and then spending the evening alone, no more dates or new memories... you get the sad picture.
I wanted to write this post because LD couples are far and few between-- so go easy on them! Separation for any period of time is hard to get through when your heart wants to be with y…