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Natural Fall Decor

Fall is nearly here, and the weather has been fluctuating for us lately in Indiana. This time of year is my absolute favorite and I come alive when it's time to pull the decorations out of storage!

This year, I wanted to keep natural colors in the scheme and I am in love with the finished look! 
Grab a cup of coffee and check out these ideas to get you ready for Autumn!

Our piano

Here's a closer look at the crate I displayed. It's just a wide-mouth mason jar with a bouquet of faux fall flowers. I found the mini crate at a yard sale!

The brown bottles are actually Starbucks cold brew bottles! I used a mixture of baking soda and canola oil to remove the sticky label residue. The jar fillers were wildflowers and dried weeds in our field- I think it looks gorgeous against the old mirror!

With the hutch, I kept the white canisters on display and tried to incorporate minimal rustic decor with the natural color scheme of gold, browns and tans.

This antique wagon holds mini faux pumpkins…

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