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My Beauty Routine

Let me show you my shower routine! I enjoy using my night routine as a way to relax right before I hop into bed. I always feel so therapeutic and "feminine" when I take the time to care for myself!

These are all the products I love putting on my body. There are some organic/natural products I love to incorporate as well!

Here are my hair products. I LOVE Shea Moisture brand because it is a cleaner product to use for your hair! It is paraben, sulfate and alcohol free! Because I have such thick, curly hair, I don't wash my hair every single day simply because it already holds in so much moisture! 
On the days I do wash, I use the shampoo, followed by the leave-in conditioner (tub shown). Leave-in conditioner honestly changed everything for me. I had always used rinse-out conditioner for the longest time, but leave-in makes my hair softer, smoother, and shinier!
I found the styling milk to be a great product for styling because it makes my curls so soft and bouncy rather than c…

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