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Basement Bedroom Tour

Let me show you these trendy bedroom decor ideas!

If you have an average basement bedroom- concrete floors, white drywalls, and only drafty windows to peek out of, then check out these DIY ideas to make your dim bedroom seem a little more homier and cozy.

The cameras are displayed by the doorway for easy grabbing on your way out.

There's no door installed, so I opted for heavy, dark curtains for privacy until that gets taken care of. 
The frame bed has pillows, sheets and throw blankets in a gray, white and black scheme. The floral comforter acts as a statement for the whole bedroom. 
The gray storage chest lies at the foot of the bed with some throw pillows on top. 
A rabbit fur rug completes the look.

Above the bed, I hung up white string lights under sheer curtains. It was all hung up with thumbtacks.
Display a picture or quote to go over the bed. I just painted and taped this sign to the curtains. 

Next to the bed is a light brown end table with a gold lamp and alarm clock. Also displa…

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