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How I Keep Long Distance Alive

My boyfriend and I have been together for 2 years and are currently going on... 8 months and counting in long distance! It's hard, and I feel your pain if you're going through this right now too. He is about 3 hours behind me, so that makes it harder to communicate or find free time to Facetime and talk.
(Ex: When he is finally off work, I am getting ready for bed!)

But if you want it to work, you HAVE to put some effort into it!

*Here are my top 5 tips I have done to keep the distance strong.*

1) Find a hobby.
Whether it's something you haven't done in a while, something you want to do together over distance, or trying something new, keep your mind busy. 
The first few months, I came home from work and sat in my room (usually wasting time on the internet.) It left a lot of open time to sit, think, and feel even worse that I couldn't be with my boyfriend. Keep your mind busy to avoid that. I'm not saying to ignore him, never make time for him, or never express how …

Dorm or Bedroom Art Wall

Trying to find something to fill an empty wall in your bedroom?
While I was in College, I created this colorful art wall to both brighten my day and give me motivation. I got a lot of compliments from other students as they walked past my open room, and I think it added a great touch, reflecting my personality. 

 You can add your own color scheme to match your room decor, of course. I chose the bright colors. 


*Find some good quotes that help and motivate you, and match a theme to those quotes as a start.
For example, I painted 6 ombre strips of pretty pink and painted on the quote, "Life is beautiful, keep smiling."
*Add your monogram or name initial. 
*Hang up some drawings by your loved ones. My boyfriend, siblings, and friends drew or made random paintings and drawings for me... I added them to the wall as well. 
*Add your personal touch. Do you like polka dots? Chevron? Pennants? Glitter? Add your favorites to make it your own.
*Sketch and color drawings of …

St. Patrick's Day DIY Frame

Every monthly event or holiday, I change out the frame's theme to go on my shelf. 
Here is my St. Patrick's Day theme this year!

 I measured the size of the frame and cut out the appropriate piece of cardstock.
Then I cut out some gold glitter foam triangles and attached them to the top corners.
I free-handed my quote with a permanent marker, adding thicker strokes on some letters. 
Lastly, I glued my free-handed green clover to the bottom of the phrase. (I was feeling a little lazy to use a template of any kind!) 

I wanted to add some black and white stripes to the background as well, but again, I was feeling too lazy for that! 

Hope this was an inspiration to you! Thanks for stopping by to read this!

Valentine Candy Crackers

These are so easy and fun to make for your children, friends, and family!
 I made some for my boyfriend, along with handmade Valentines for him! 
Such great surprises to open!

I bought all of my boyfriend's favorite chocolates! 
I also needed toilet paper tubes and tissue paper. 

I filled the tubes with candy until it was full, then I carefully rolled it in tissue paper, twisting the ends to keep the candy inside, and giving it the look I needed. 

They can be ripped open on either sides, and the candy will spill out! You can also fill it with other treats and toys too, depending on the season and occasion!

I taped the middle just to keep it secure. 

I bought this cute felt envelope at our Dollar General! His crackers are going in here!

I also added my handmade Valentines- Pokemon, the Walking Dead and a little bit of humor are more his type. Don't worry, I did add a sentimental card to the collection too.

Lastly, I painted over a small matchbox and added a few jolly ranchers inside! 
I …

At Home Spa Scrubs

These are my favorite scrubs I make when the weekend comes! They are all made from ingredients in your bathroom or kitchen, and they are both relaxing and refreshing to use!
Here's how to make them:

The Body Scrub is made with:
1/4 cup coffee grounds, 
2 TBSP coconut oil, 
and 1/2 TSP of vanilla.

I combine those three ingreds. together and keep them stored in a small jar to use in the shower. I scrub this vigorously all over, and the coffee exfoliates and relaxes, while the vanilla produces such a calming scent.


My Foot Scrub is made with:
2 TBSP coconut oil
5-6 drops lavender oil (use whatever scent you like!)
1 TSP white sugar
 This always helps! I am on my feet all day at work, and this both softens and relaxes my aching feet! The sugar is a gentle exfoliant that cleans away dead skin cells and massages.