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"Clean" Bachelorette Party Ideas

We had such a great time celebrating my sister's last week as a single lady!!

Being her Maid of Honor, I enjoyed planning her bachelorette party for her and her bridesmaids to celebrate. One problem I ran into (that you might be able to relate to if you're reading this post) was finding clean ideas and games for a fun night out! Most of the ideas I found were centered around sexual games and drinking. I wanted to keep it clean and just have a generally good time, and none of the ladies invited did not drink, so I was having a little bit of trouble brainstorming a game plan. 

Some sites suggested to take a weekend trip to Vegas, or spend all night at the club, but I managed to create a fun night that wasn't going to break anyone's bank account, and keep us laughing until the party was over- without alcohol involved!

The party was at my sister's house, and I made a poster sign to hang over our table. Underneath I hung tissue paper tassle garland.

I had our snacks and c…

1920s Bridal Shower

I don't know what I am most excited for- being my sister's Maid of Honor and planning her bridal shower, or the fact that she's getting married in less than two weeks!!

                                     (Sisters and BFFs <3 )

It has been a crazy last month leading up to her big day, and I am thrilled to show y'all her 1920s glam bridal shower!
~The color scheme was black, white, gold and pink.~ With a touch of lace and elegance.
 Such a feminine theme- I wanted to incorporate music into the shower to honor Heather because she loves the piano and all things music! She used to tap dance to the oldies in her spare time (and I mean OLDIES!- like.... the Charleston...), so I thought this theme would be perfect! It was a unique idea that many of the guests complimented me on- so I think it was a good pick! And I had so much fun planning it out once I got going!

Here it is, all broken down! (Watch out-there's a lot to read!)

THE ENTRANCE- the first thing our guests saw.…

Frozen Bedroom

I'm excited to tell you that we just finished decorating and repainting my little sister's bedroom and I am so excited to show you how it turned out! 

Click on the link below to see the crafts and full tutorial!

Abby's Ice Castle

Caring for my Curls

I have the thickest, curliest hair around! Sometimes, it can be a handful (or should I say a hairful) to deal with!

If you are looking for some tips to help you keep your hair healthy, I've posted this in hopes to help you today! 
These are my products and my process to keep my curls at their fluffiest!

 Unfortunately, I don't have a specific brand regarding shampoo. I use whatever is bought. Hahaha. To help you out a little bit more, it is always an organic and chemical-free shampoo (usually from Whole Foods). Never have been disappointed with their brands!

I LOVE Shea Moisture for my hair care! I can't say enough about them, this brand always leaves my hair feeling so healthy, soft and looking shiny and smooth! I use their conditioner in my routine.

Every night, before bed, I brush my hair up into a high messy bun. I found that this adds body to my curls the next day. Keeping my hair down overnight adds to the frizz in the morning, and honestly makes them more wavy than anyth…