1920s Bridal Shower

I don't know what I am most excited for- being my sister's Maid of Honor and planning her bridal shower, or the fact that she's getting married in less than two weeks!!

                                     (Sisters and BFFs <3 )

It has been a crazy last month leading up to her big day, and I am thrilled to show y'all her 1920s glam bridal shower!
~The color scheme was black, white, gold and pink.~ With a touch of lace and elegance.
 Such a feminine theme- I wanted to incorporate music into the shower to honor Heather because she loves the piano and all things music! She used to tap dance to the oldies in her spare time (and I mean OLDIES!- like.... the Charleston...), so I thought this theme would be perfect! It was a unique idea that many of the guests complimented me on- so I think it was a good pick! And I had so much fun planning it out once I got going!

Here it is, all broken down! (Watch out-there's a lot to read!)

THE ENTRANCE- the first thing our guests saw. 

I chalked up some retro letters and show biz bordering on the Welcome board.


I had the guests sign her last name initial. Just a wooden Walmart letter I painted white and hot glued rhinestones on. 

I wrapped sheet music around a small mason jar and added lace and twine around the neck, finishing with a burlap flower. I asked the guests to write down a date idea or advice and add it to the jar.

 Here are a few more decorations on the table: sheet music with a phrase from an old long song in that era. "Let me call you sweetheart, I'm in love with you." 
I rolled up pink paper and sheet music and attached them to bamboo sticks as handmade roses. I painted a glass jar with Elmer's glue and sprinkled gold glitter on it.

Also on the table (not pictured:) votive candles, sequins and plastic gemstones as table confetti, a sign stating "how many days before she says I do!" and porcelain high heels. 

THE KITCHEN - the served food and the couple's display

TIM AND HEATHER MOORE- I took advantage of our long counter in our kitchen to display the couple's love story. 

I measured and cut one long piece of butcher paper to create a backdrop, and dotted the paper with Elmer's glue and sprinkled with gold glitter on the dots.

 After draping white lights around the display, I painted and put "Our Love Story" in a picture frame and put their dating and engagement pictures all around. Also sprinkling the same plastic gemstones and sequins as table confetti around.
 I used a white doily runner in the center, and added another paper rose bouquet. 
I already had that cute little clock perfume jar on hand. Again, another song with a painted phrase from an old love song in the 20s or 30s.

 To see how to make this clothespin frame display pictured above^ click here!

OUR FOOD TABLE (or should I say counter) 
I tacked up a black tablecloth to hide the sink and any dirty dishes we would use, and also hung up pink foam hearts on invisible string.


My mom and Aunt brought some bean dip and small sandwiches. Here are some of the sweets we had for our guests!
White chocolate covered strawberry wafers- which we're gone by the end of the night!

"I do" cupcakes. 
I cut hearts out of white glitter paper and attached them to toothpicks, creating my own cupcake picks.

I tried the Kit Kat piano and it looked awesome! All you need is regular sized white chocolate Kit Kats, and mini chocolate Kit Kats.

 I quickly created these "take home favor bags" by adding a few popular quotes from the 1920s like "Love can be a bowl of cherries," "Love is the bees knees," and "Love is swell!" And encouraged the guests to fill their bags with whatever sweets were leftover!
Favors: rock candy sticks and clusters. Because, she did get her rock after all!
MAIN ROOM- for gifts and games

This was the Bride's chair, and I created the wall to say "From Miss To Mrs." in gold glitter letters. I hung up a rhinestone-studded music note below this.

I made the marquee lights by using a knife to pierce a slit into 100 ping pong balls (yes, it took me a while!) and sticking them onto the white lights. I hung them up with thumbtacks. 



I wish I had taken pictures of our games! But they were a ton of fun, and not too crazy (if you know what I mean!)

*HIDDEN RINGS- I hid plastic rings (for little girls) around the house and told the guests at the beginning of the night that whoever found the most rings would win!

*BRIDAL LIBS- If you've ever played mad libs, you'll understand how funny this game became! We had 2 topics- "Helping the Bride write her vows", and "Marriage Advice."

*PAINT MY PANTIES- I gave each guest a drawing of a pair of panties and had them decorate new panties for the Bride with crayons! Some of them had phrases.. and they were SO funny! the Bride had to pick a winner.

*GUESS THE KISSES- the classic game of counting how many Hershey kisses are in the jar and the winner takes the jar of candy home!

*HE OR SHE- a pretty popular game at most bridal showers or receptions- the hostess reads off 15 or 20 statements about the couple and the guests must choose whether that is something the Bride or Groom would do. I made mustaches and lips for them to hold up when they voted, and we all looked to the Bride for the answers.

Our game prizes were Bath and Body hand sanitizers! I attached a small piece of tulle to the top of the lid to make them look like little brides!

Overall, the shower was a success, and I was glad we had such a good time laughing and enjoying the night!

Me and my beautiful sisters! *One down, 3 to go!*

 I told our guests that anyone was welcome to dress up for the era of the party if they'd like! I was pleasantly surprised to see that most of the ladies came dressed up for the occasion, and it was so fun to see how each one got creative with what they had!

Thank you SO much for reading all this, I really hope it helps you plan your next event! 


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