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5 Minute French Nails

This is a simple project to make your nails look nice.

I'm sorry that I don't have any pictures for each step, it's pretty easy to understand! ;)

*Start with a nude color as the base and wait for it to dry.

*Using a white nail striper, carefully draw one white stripe across the top of the nail as neatly and evenly as you can.

*After that has dried, apply a clear topcoat.

*And you're done! I think the nail drying took the longest of all!

Very simple...

Animal Match-up

Here's a very easy idea you can have your kids do:
Animal match-up. This went well with our zoo week.

I found 12 pairs of animals. A mommy and a baby. I colored each one and then I laminated each one (not so good, as you can see).

I mixed them up and laid them face down on the table for him to flip and match, just like a regular matching game!

This game lasted a while, and he wanted to play over and over again! It was a hit, and he was learning a lot, too.
A simple idea for you! Thanks for reading!

Spring Fashion: Sky Blue

Spring has sprung at last- (thought this would never come!) Here is an outfit I've recently worn that might inspire you to wear for this beautiful spring season.

White, robin egg blue with gold accesories.

Of course, everything was bought at second-hand stores and thrift stores. Also, it's not hard to find these colors and pair them together. The blue and white paired looks soft and comfortable and the gold brings it all together.

Thanks for reading!

Spring Door Decor

Here's a cute door display I made for my classroom at church! It was very simple to make and I absolutely love the look of it- because it's so springy and happy! Using green construction paper, cut some strips about halfway down the piece of paper. Bend or fold those strips apart from each other to create fringed "grass." Tape to the bottom of the door. Cut some strips for the stems and leaf shapes. Create some cute colorful flowers with tissue paper and attach them all to the door, Cut out some letters to spell out your phrase, or do it the lazy way, (like I did) and write the phrase in big letters on plain white paper. "Bloom where you're planted." And you're done! Thanks for reading and enjoy the spring!

Open House picture display

Here's a neat picture display idea for a Graduation Open House. I did this a few years back when I graduated and thought I could share it you! Displaying your pictures for everyone to see is better than placing a photo album book on the table! This was my table at my open house. A lot of stuff. All of my trophies, awards, ribbons, certificates, school essays, paintings,  and just about everything I had done throughout my life until the end of High School.  Anyway, focusing on the board I have on the left table, you can see all of the pictures I displayed on the board. I started by covering a large piece of cardboard with some white butcher paper, and writing a Bible verse in the center.

Then I taped all of my pictures around the verse to the edges of the board. It was a simple project, where I didn't need many materials to work with, but it was large enough to display as many photos as I wanted!
There you are! Easy peasy, rice and cheesy!
Thanks for reading!

Preschool Graduation Decor

It's just about that time for school to come to an end and I've come up with 2 cute ideas to decorate the class with. We're celebrating their graduation into Kindergarten! So sad to see them grow up... :(

This is my idea for the Preschool door. I asked the kids what was something they wanted to do when they got to Kindergarten... Some answers were quite unique!

The parents enjoy reading their children's creative answers. I also colored/cut out some school-related pictures, such as pencils, glue bottles, apples, letters and numbers. Another idea I had.... Cutting out stars and letters stating, "We're glad for our grads!" I took a picture of the Preschoolers that were graduating into Kindergarten and printed them out, sticking them to the stars. This display is along the wall above the cubbies. The parents REALLY liked this idea! I also put each child's name and year on the picture, so I can take them down and give to the parents in the last day of school. I ho…

Mother's Day Craft

This is a perfectly cute gift to give to a mother or grandmother- with the help of little hands, as well!

                     A Mother's Day Keepsake Charm Necklace.

It's very simple, but has many steps: *Cut the desired length of chain and attach jump ring and clasp. *Shape a tiny piece of oven-bake clay into a heart. Have her press a fingerprint into the heart. Once the heart has hardened in the oven, the print will be permanent. *Paint the heart any color- I used pink nail polish. *Using a frame charm (can even be found at Walmart!), have your child draw a small picture for mom. *Put the picture inside the frame and shut. *Attach jump rings onto the charms and slide onto the chain. *After you've finished, you've got yourself a super cute mother's day gift! Thanks for reading!