Mother's Day Craft

This is a perfectly cute gift to give to a mother or grandmother- with the help of little hands, as well!
                     A Mother's Day Keepsake Charm Necklace.

It's very simple, but has many steps:
*Cut the desired length of chain and attach jump ring and clasp.
*Shape a tiny piece of oven-bake clay into a heart. Have her press a fingerprint into the heart. Once the heart has hardened in the oven, the print will be permanent.
*Paint the heart any color- I used pink nail polish.
*Using a frame charm (can even be found at Walmart!), have your child draw a small picture for mom.
*Put the picture inside the frame and shut.
*Attach jump rings onto the charms and slide onto the chain.
*After you've finished, you've got yourself a super cute mother's day gift!
Thanks for reading!


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