Teacher Ideas for Fall (Perfect for Fall Week)

Here are a few ideas you can do with your student, child or the whole family! By now, you should know that my favorite season is Fall time! So, if you love Fall as much as I do, you can take advantage of this season by going out and doing these activities.

First, we went on a nature walk.

It wasn't as colorful as I liked, but the ground was covered in Fall leaves!
So he filled his bag full of sticks, acorns, pinecones, berries, and of course, leaves!
We came back to class and dumped out the contents and admired each leaf he hand picked.
Next, we taped one of the leaves to the table and placed a sheet of paper over it. He rubbed a crayon over the sheet,
revealing the leaf underneath!
Here are a couple more we did. He liked this craft. It seemed like magic to him when he rubbed the crayon over plain paper, and then it had revealed a detailed leaf after he was finished!
So, here's another activity we did with our Nature Walk finds:
(It just so happened that we were learning the letter "F" for that week - F is for Fall!)
I helped him rearrange leaves, berries, flowers, sticks, and acorns into an "F".
And then, for the math part of our schoolwork, I gave him a handful of leaves from his bag.
And had him rearrange the leaves according to size.
A+ - Good job, Ben!
You can also have your child sort the leaves by color, shape, or size! Or for a complicated job, have them sort the leaves according to the ridges on the sides of the leaf!
And that's all for Fall! A few ideas you can apply to home, school, or homeschool!
Very easy and simple ideas, I believe. Hope it helped!
Thanks for reading! (And I know you are, because I had 235 views on my blog the other day! Whoo-hoo! Thanks for the excitement of the day!)



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