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Homemade Carpet deodorizer

Well, this isn't really a craft, but it's definitely something you've GOT to try!

I used to love it when Mom used Arm and Hammer carpet deodorizer before vacuuming. It always made the house smell so clean! Come to find out, it's not too good for you to breathe in and it also clogs up any vacuum that has a bag.... That means no more carpet deodorizer :(

BUT... Then I found out that you can make your very own deodorizer from stuff we already had around the house... All you need is:

Baking soda (Enough to sprinkle over your carpet)
Essential oils (Add more drops to make it stronger)

Dat's it!
It really does work! Sprinkle that awesome stuff on the carpet and leave it on for about 15 minutes and then vacuum...
The smell lasted for about 3 days and with it just being baking soda, it dissipates in the vacuum bag. Oh happy day!

I can't wait to use all the different oils. Peppermint and cinnamon for Christmas... Lavender and jasmine for the springtime... The possibilities are…

Light blue and pearl necklace

Here's another jewelry creation I wanted to show you...

Using some light blue glass beads from Michael's, I restrung them,  separating each glass bead with clear E-beads and adding pearls ever once in a while so it would match the charm.

Finding the right color for this charm was not easy! But I think the blue makes the necklace more relaxed. Casual, but not simple.

Hmm... red might have been pretty for this too!

Fourth of July nails

Alrighty! Independence Day is coming up very very soon, and I just wanted to show you guys my nail polish idea.
By the way, it doesn't HAVE to be for your toenails only, fingernails can work just as well...

Start by painting your nails a solid white.
Eww . . . ugly toes.

Anyway, paint a small dark streak of blue on the nail.
Add another lighter blue streak below the first one... And one more lighter streak below that. After that dries, add 2 streaks of red on the nail - in between each blue streak. And once that dries, use a white striper to add white streaks in between the reds and blues. Some don't need to use a striper brush. They're just that good. But not me. And last of all, paint silver glitter along the tip of the nail. That's it! Don't foget to clean up around the nail with a Q-tip dipped in nail polish remover. Hope you guys liked it, and I hope you also have a very happy and relaxing 4th of July! I know I will -  I have a FOUR DAY WEEKEND! Whoo-Hoo! :)

Make your own dry erase boards

Here's a DIY for making your own dry-erase boards! I love using mine!

I made it long ago (like 3 years long ago!) So, I don't have any step by step pics to show you as I go along.

Start with a plain picture frame...
Then put something nice inside the frame- scrapbook paper, a pretty picture... anything you'd like! I made a music page to match my room decor! :p And that's it! You can use dry erase markers to write a message on the glass and it wipes right off. Set it on your dresser or counter, add a magnet strip to the back and attach it to the fridge, or hang it on the wall. Of course, it would be easier to buy an actual dry-erase board... ... But the one you'd make would be a lot prettier and even better... It was made by you!

Thanks for reading!