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2 Thankful Tree Ideas

Thankfulness has been ringing in my ears all month long! But what's wrong with that? Oh nothing. It's good to be thankful all year long, but with Thanksgiving coming around, I have done so many projects regarding thankfulness in Tiny Tots at Church, at Preschool, at home teaching Ben... but I still cannot seem to run out of things to be thankful for!
Here are a couple Thankful Tree examples I'll share with you:

This is the one we did in Tiny Tots last Sunday.

I glued a leafless tree onto the paper, and cut out some leaves. Then, one at a time, I asked them to name 5 things they were thankful for or glad that God gave them. they stuck on the leaves, and I outlined each leaf with some glitter glue. And this is the one we did in school at home: This one is my favorite, I think. Probably because each leaf has something on it that they're thankful for! Since the beginning of November, we have been putting a Thankful leaf on the branches every day. It's filling up rather nic…

Christmas Traditions - Tree Hunting

Well, the time has come where we carry on family traditions once again! This is my favorite part of Christmas-having traditions and comparing each years to years before to decide what made each one better/worse.
Anyway, on Monday, we all went out to the Tree Farm to pick out a good one this year. It's funny to see everyone try to pick one out that they like the best. Sometimes it's hard to agree on one tree.
After that, we took a ride around the farm property in a wagon. It was sooo cold! But it started to snow, so that made it okay!
We took a look around the gift shop and the petting zoo after they shook and tied up the tree. Then we were on our way home to homemade pizza made by Mom! It's the best on earth!

Afterwards, we got our tree in the stand. (or should I say, Dad and my brother got it in the stand while we watched.)

Then we cut the tree strings and got started!

Then we turned off the lights and all the little guys said "ooh" and "ahh" as they admir…

Andes Mint Hot Chocolate

This recipe is so good! Perfect for this cold snowy weather! I don't know what's more relaxing than a cup of this Chocolate, looking out the window and watching the snow blow and drift! This recipe is homemade. Like from scratch homemade. And here's how to make it:

Living in a large family, we keep our hot chocolate mix on hand in large amounts. But for one serving, it should be...

*1 TBS. Cocoa Powder
*2 TBS. Sugar
*1 Cup Milk

Add all together and stir until heated. Add the Andes Mints! I used 5 or 6 of them; it all depends on how much you like Minty Chocolate. Stir into the other ingredients until the chocolate has melted. Add some vanilla extract to taste. After that, you're done! Pour it into your favorite mug and top it off with some whip cream. And another mint. Enjoy, and thanks for reading!

Pin the Feather on the Turkey Thanksgiving game

This is a cute and simple game you can play with the little ones during the month of November-Thanksgiving time! I did this activity with my little brother and sister during one of their school days.
LOL, like my last minute turkey, there? You can't really tell he was an emergency project... right? RIGHT?! Okay, it's really simple to make and easy to teach the kids how to play (most kids already know how to play-it's just like pin the tail on the donkey.) Spin them 'round and 'round 3 times and let them try to stick the feather on the turkey's back.

Whoa! Abby was a little bit off....

That's a lot better!

This was a great choice of a game for Thanksgiving coming up this week. The kids ended up playing two more times after that!

I is for Icecream project

If you ever want to use an easy project for kids to remember the letter "I", try this! Give each child a icecream page. That can be achieved by drawing a bowl shape at the bottom of the page and 3 colored circles representing chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla icecream! Provide "toppings" for the kids to put on their icecream. I gave them some sprinkles, carmel and chocolate sauce, cherries, bananans, whipped cream, jelly beans, and chocolate chips. Let them decorate!

Very simple, and they had just as much fun creating their masterpieces as they would with real icecream - only without the mess! :) And there's the finished product! What a mess! Haha, but it did really help. Everytime I reviewed the letter I, they always remembered the long "I" sound from the icecream craft they had made!

Frosted Vases

This is a very simple and elegant decoration you can make for the Christmas season. It could also be made for Christmas gifts or special occasions.

It only cost me 75 cents to make this! I only had to buy the glass jar. I had everything else. But if you start fresh, with none of these things, it will probably only cost $3.75 to make. You're going to need some wax (I used wax from an old candle. You don't need a lot of wax for this project, so if you plan on buying a candle, get the smallest size, like a votive candle.) You're also going to need a can to melt the wax in, a stirring stick-I used a bamboo skewer, some paper towels, and your choice of a jar. Start by chopping off bits and pieces of your candle, and putting it inside the can.
Set the can on top of your burner, and let the wax melt. Use your skewer to mix the wax around so it doesn't burn to the bottom. Before you get ready to pour, set your jar on it's side on top of the paper towel. Once all the wax has mel…

Indian Corn Fall Craft

Here is a cute craft you can do with the class. And it's perfect for the Fall/Thanksgiving time!

This can be easily done by preparing a drawing of corn shape with husks on each side. Provide Autumn colored buttons for the kids to glue onto their corn. 
This is a very easy craft to make last minute, the kids enjoy it, and it's a cute project!

Macaroni Sensory Bin

Here's a very simple sensory bin everybody can try out!  Macaroni!

Ben liked this one a lot too! All that's in there is macaroni, measuring cups and spoons, and a couple matchbox cars.

I thought the colored macaroni added a nice bright look to it. This can be achieved by putting some plain macaroni in a bag and add food coloring as needed. 
He liked making macaroni mountains for his monster trucks to slide and drive on.
But he spent most of his time "cooking" with the macaroni. 
He enjoyed making mac 'n' cheese for me to "eat!"

He REALLY liked making me mac 'n' cheese!
You can basically use this bin idea for anything. You can add in letters of the week or colors. You can also use this to match and sort out objects or just let him use his imagination - like he did for the mac 'n' cheese!
Thanks for reading!

The Craft Show

Yesterday, we had a great craft show!

                                      This was my booth:                     

I was selling some various craft and jewelry items. Like: Fall and Christmas hand-painted wooden signs This was my favorite: Also, I made some bracelets, earrings and necklaces. I displayed my necklaces on a mirror. That was a good idea because customers were using it to try on the necklaces.
(He he, I got my hot chocolate in the corner, there.) I hung my earrings around a jewel-filled jar. I also made some ornaments and I used a jar full of sticks as my "Christmas tree." It looked really cute on my table. I was also selling some candle necklaces. A lot of people liked these. And put the rest in a little trunk. I was also selling some frosted jars. ( I will be posting instructions about making that craft later on!) Those looked gorgeous on my table.

       And I welcomed visitors into my booth by setting up a sign with a little box of candy beside it. Everyone loves getting…