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This Face Routine is Clearing my Skin!

I have wrestled with acne for about 6 years, and never fully conquered it! At first, I tried a lot of cleansers and creams, but after a few months, the blemishes came back. 
A few years of trial and error, I switched to all-natural and organic face solutions, but the same result occurred (even when I switched the products on and off every other night so my skin would not get used to it!) 

I am pleased to announce, that after 3 months of trying this routine, my face is cleared up with no new spots! All of these products can be bought at Walmart at reasonable prices, but I still use natural products because it has always worked well for my skin and keeps the acne at bay. I no longer feel the need to cover my face with half a bottle of foundation each day OR want to hide my face from the world!

Here is what I do:
In the shower every night, I clean my face with Aveeno Active Naturals Clear Complexion Cream Cleanser, this washes off most of my makeup.

After the shower, (every other night- I don…

2 Year Anniversary

This is what I made my boyfriend for our 2 year Anniversary!

For breakfast, I spelled out "LOVE" with his eggs, donuts, heart-shaped waffle and bananas. He loved it!

That afternoon, we went bowling and had a great afternoon together!
This is the gift I made him! I just bought a $3 frame at Walmart and painted a tree and carved initials in the trunk along with a quote. 

I just loved how it turned out!

"I wish I'd met you sooner so I could love you longer." 
 I'm lucky to be in love with my best friend!

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Valentine's Ideas for your Man!

These are a few ideas to create for the love in your life, and I hope it is an inspiration for you to try!

Inside his Valentine gift bag, I added about 10-15 little kisses. (I had to kiss paper that many times!!) When I cutout the lip smacks, I wrote on the back of each "Why he would deserve that kiss." 
As if my lips weren't tired enough, (jk, I could never get enough!) I kissed all over the page and added this quote. On the back, I wrote his love letter.

Later that afternoon, I made a small lunch for him. While he was out getting our food, I surprised him with a fully decorated table and a cherry cheesecake I made the night before! 
It was such a sweet surprise, and his face was priceless! 

 The table was complete with a tablecloth, rose petals, candles, pictures of us, a vase of roses, conversation hearts, Valentine decorations, and goblets with:
*strawberries frozen into ice cubes, served with sprite.

We had a great day and he enjoyed the surprises! We exchanged our gifts a…

My Prayer Wall

This was an idea I started at College and want to carry it into my marriage as well. It is so beneficial for me!
A prayer wall! I thought of the idea shortly before watching War Room, which helped me think of more ideas to create it.

This was my College version. I used the side of my closet to keep the clutter contained in that small dorm room.
Before I started, I had the same idea as you: How am I going to sort ALL of my requests on one wall?! 
I decided to sort them by topic and list individual requests below each. So as I prayed, I could work my way down.

 *Current Requests: Present issues my friends, family and I were dealing with.
* General Requests: missionary families, evangelists, long distance friends, church families, my Pastor, etc.
*Relationship Requests: all things Daniel and I were working on, such as bus route vistitors, health in College, goals for our future together, etc.
*Misc. Requests: the coming election, and anything else I felt I needed to mention.

*In the center, I…

Valentine Display

This is my Valentine shelf/mantle display for the year and I hope it inspires you today!

The main colors were black, white and pink.

 I simply painted "Love you" and "XOXO" on cardstock and displayed them in some extra frames we had in storage. This cost me nothing, as I had all of these materials already. I added my little succulent to the shelf as well.

I attached a heart shaped piece of masking tape to a the mason jar while I painted the rest of the glass pink, and put a tealight inside. I also added my own free-handed subway art displaying "Love" all around!

This is my "Love is..." heart banner created with book pages and construction paper. This banner is based off of 1 Corinthians 13. I draped it along the shelf.

I hope this was a help to you and I love seeing new ideas displayed for Valentine's Day! It is such a sweet time of year, and I always enjoy spoiling Dan <3

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Beach Memory Decor

My boyfriend and I had the chance to visit Mexico with his family and we had so much fun!! 

The weather was gorgeous and I really enjoyed the time we spent together there!

I was already planning out some memory crafts I could create as soon as I arrived home, and here are the finished products! We found 2 big sand dollars, and I painted them both. We also found a small dollar, and I glued it to a scrap piece of wood and used it to complete the word "San Felipe," which is where we spent our week in Mexico!

I also gathered some rocks and shells and created some pictures with them.

I painted the canvases to start as a base, and attached the rocks to look like me and Daniel sitting on the beach together. I created the palm tree out of small stones and a stick.

I took all the leftover shells and shaped them into a heart, I love how that one turned out!

Click here to see the tidal wave clam shell I painted to use as a trinket dish!

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DIY Picture Display

I recently made this picture frame display and thought I would share it with you guys!

So simple! All you need is:
 *Picture frame (no glass and no backing needed)
 *Strong wire (Flimsy or thin wire will bend to the weight of the pictures)
 *Hot glue
 *Your favorite pictures
 * Miniature clothespins (found in the scrapbooking aisles- I actually bought a pack of 20 for $1 at Meijer!)

I started by stringing about 3 strands of wire from one end of the frame to the other and hot glued them into place on the back side of the frame. 

 I painted the frame black to match my bedroom decor.

After it had dried, I hot glued 3 mini clothespins along the top of the frame and attached chalkboard tags to the clothespins. I wrote 
"D & A" (Dan & Ashe) on the tags so it would add a finishing touch to the picture display.

And finally, I clipped my pictures along the wire with the mini clothespins! This craft took my about 10 minutes to make, not including the paint drying time!

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Kate Spade Inspired Vanity Set!

I am SO excited to show y'all my latest painting success! 
I LOVE Kate Spade!! Her patterns and colors are adorable on everything and I love the classy look they give! I just brought in our old 1980's vanity to use and have been thinking of some cute organized decorations for my beauty display! 

I bought this vintage dish at a yard sale, but I see them almost anywhere thrifty! I added a few touches of black and silver on the dish (Only enough to enhance it!) 

I use this dish to hold my eyeshadows.

 Next, my Aunt had made this plate stand for me, and from what I can tell, it looks very easy to make with a couple of plates, some super glue and a candlestick!

I painted stripes on the top plate and big polka dots on the bottom plate, adding gold accents as a small finishing touch. I was so pleased with the result! After the paint dried, I added a spray paint clear gloss to prevent the paint from scratching and to make it shine.

I use it to hold my perfumes, and it looks so classy!

Thank …

Displaying Your Statement Necklaces

In the past, I have tried many ways to keep my necklaces organized. I have quite a few chain necklaces and statement necklaces (which do not fit in your average dresser jewelry box!) This is the latest display I set up for all of my necklaces. Hope it is a help to you!

I found 3 pieces of scrap wood in our garage, painted them a shabby white to match my room, and simply nailed them to the wall with very long nails! I proceeded to nail in about 10-15 tack nails in a row for all of my necklaces to hang on. I love how it displays the sparkles!

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