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Button bracelets

Yay! My first post about my jewelry!
I love making jewelry. I didn't realize I had been making it for so long until I saw an old pic of a bracelet I had made long ago. I'm still learning tips and tricks here and there. I've made a lot of mistakes, but I'm slowly learning ...

Here is my first jewelry inspiration to you:
Button Bracelets! They are so easy to make. I think the only hard part about it is finding the time to string them all on individually! I started with some buttons I wanted to use, and I began threading wire through the button holes and making loops on the end. When it looked like it was enough to cram on a bracelet, I threaded all of the buttons on some thick elastic string. Even though I had strung them all on, it was still not quite enough, so I added some matching beads too! Here's another one I made. These have a lot more beads on them than buttons. And then I made a gold one too...

Small summer bulliten board

Summers are supposed to be lazy, right? Good... because I couldn't think of any ideas for a summer bulliten board for my class at church.

I decided to go with a cute summer scene.

Maybe it's a little too simple... oh well.

Simple sun with little golden rays

Simple tree with a simple tire swing...

And simple letters.
See? Simple! haha

Vintage memory book

Alright! Now I can finally show you my latest DIY I made!
My memory album! I love it!!  I started with a very simple photo album... And then I gathered some antique looking materials. So. Here's the instructions in a very simple form: 1. Cover the album with fabric 2. Attach printed scrapbook paper onto the middle of the book...  I went cheap and used burnt paper. 3. Add lace around the book. 4. Add canvas and burlap squares. (I also added some music note tissue paper on top of the canvas.) 5. In the corner of the book, glue a tulle and ribbon bow. Add a pearl strand and a vintage charm to the end. 6. In the opposite corner, bunch some lace together and then add a cute flower. This is how it should be looking so far. 7. Place letter stickers on an empty spot on the book. 8. Add extra details to the cover. Flower brooch button brads        Pearl strands
Dainty flowers  Buttons

Decorate your lamp

I know, I know. It's been such a long time since I've posted anything new. So I'm just going to post a very simple easy idea - just so I don't fall too much behind!
At the moment, I am currently working on a pretty cool DIY idea I thought of. I can't WAIT to show you! I'm very excited because of the way it's turned out . . . But anyway, I am not talking about that . . .
I'm talking about my idea now.

I don't have a picture of it (just the finished product), but I had bought a lamp for my new room. It had a black stand , and a white shade with black trim around it. It was classy, but it was missing something. So I bought some music note stickers (because my room is decorated in a music theme). I stuck those things on that shade in a nice way and voila!
And that's all pretty much it. These ideas keep getting easier and easier, right? Just add some stickers to get a new look to things. You could use anything to add a little something to a plain lampsh…