Vintage memory book

Alright! Now I can finally show you my latest DIY I made!
My memory album! I love it!!
 I started with a very simple photo album...
And then I gathered some antique looking materials.
So. Here's the instructions in a very simple form:
1. Cover the album with fabric
2. Attach printed scrapbook paper onto the middle of the book...
 I went cheap and used burnt paper.
3. Add lace around the book.
4. Add canvas and burlap squares. (I also added some music note tissue paper on top of the canvas.)
5. In the corner of the book, glue a tulle and ribbon bow. Add a pearl strand and a vintage charm to the end.
6. In the opposite corner, bunch some lace together and then add a cute flower.
This is how it should be looking so far.
7. Place letter stickers on an empty spot on the book.
8. Add extra details to the cover.
Flower brooch
button brads
       Pearl strands

Dainty flowers
And a vintage picture on the front.
All finished! It turned out so nice! I'm so proud of me-self! :)
Fill it with memories and you're done!
Thanks for reading!


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