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Pirate Week- Letter X

I think this was my favorite theme for Preschool! Pirate week for the letter X- because X marks the spot! Argh!
Here are some really cool ideas if you decide to have a pirate theme!

I cut out several brown rectangles and drew random pictures with a dotted line. I gave them the mini "maps" and had them draw X's where they wanted their buried treasure to be hidden! This next craft came in "handy." I painted their fingers brown, the palm tan, and the heel of the hand/ thumb red. They pressed it onto the paper and... Ahoy!A friendly Preschool pirate matey! After it dried, I added a face and eye patch! :)
For our sensory project, I hid rhinestones under white sand in a sensory bin. I gave them mini scoops and shovels and let them search for the buried treasure.
Another activity I did with them was hiding plastic golden coins throughout the room and having them search to find the hidden doubloons. That was a fun game for them.

We made another friendly pirate later on by …

Spring/Easter Chick Cupcakes

Spring is here, and Easter is on it's way! For a bake sale, I came up with the idea to make chick faces from the cupcakes I was making! So springy!! Here's how to do it:

*Bake a normal batch of vanilla, chocolate, or lemon cupcakes.

* While the cupcakes are cooling, dyedried coconut using yellow food coloring shaken in a Ziploc bag.

*Prepare normal cupcake frosting and dye that yellow as well.

*After the cupcakes have dried, dip the tops of the cupcakes into the frosting and then dip them into the yellowed coconut. Do this for all the cupcakes: dip in frosting, dip in coconut.

*Cut orange jellybeans in half with scissors or a knife, and stick them into the cupcakes. Add chocolate chips to make the eyes. *Serve at your Easter dinner, Spring party, or just because they're cute!

Thanks for reading!!

Simple Spring Decor

This is a very cute (and cheap) idea for bringing in the colors of spring- after we had such a long winter! Woke up this morning to rain... falling from the sky and not snow!! So glad for that....

Anyway, birdhouses are so cute anyway, but they are even CUTER when you paint them your own way and in your own kind of style!

I bought these cute birdhouses last spring and stored them away.... so I could decorate them this spring- they awesome!  You can get them for super cheap at JoAnn Fabrics, Walmart, Hobby Lobby, etc. They can range anywhere from $1-$10 (depending on the size of the house you want.)

I bought five little dollar houses and set right to work, painting them with acrylic paint- as an indoor decor. They turned out so well!
I've seen ideas all around that you can hang these little guys on the wall and use the perch as a keyring or sunglasses holder. You could also remove the roof and fill it with flowers... so many possibilities for this simple craft! They also look cute on a…