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Spring Classroom Decor

These are the decorations I made for our spring quarter. It turned out well and my church kids loved it!

I made some super easy signs that applied to spring and spirituality :)

With a cute vase of flowers on the table.

I taped yellow and orange streamers (that's all I could find!) along the window so the sunlight streamed the colors through the room. It was so pretty!
Ceiling decor.

Through much trial and error, I was able to carefully create these ceiling pieces from tissue paper!

The pinwheels were easy to make and looked very cute hanging up!

The butterflies were also very simple to make. I cut 2 sheets of tissue paper into the same shape and used a pipecleaner to attach and secure it. The pipe cleaner also served as the butterfly's body.
These were fun! Using 6 pages on construction paper, I cut each page into petal shapes, and a middle. I also added some swirls made of glitter glue. I made about 6 or 7 of these huge flowers to tape to the wall.

Then we moved our classroom downst…

Letter Spotting

Here's an easy idea you can try out for your little preschoolers. This can also work on a bigger scale, by having your kids spot their spelling words in books.

For the youngers, I gave them a stack of simple books (like in this picture, we were using "Fox in Socks") and had them find and point to their letter of the week.

That kept them thinking and searching for a good amount of time! Plus it was helping them learn how to recognize the letter of the week, getting it more stuck in their heads. Each time they pointed to one, I had them say the sound of  that letter. I think this really helped!

Busy Bumblebee Display

This is the recent display I created for the infant class at daycare. But this theme could go for any age-especially in the summer! Busy Bumble Bees I made the black letters along the top in an uneven pattern and wrote the names of the teachers and babies on little clouds using glitter glue.
If you're making this for older kids, you can have them decorate their own bumblebees and put their names on each bee, but I just created my own bees with 2 black half-circles and a yellow oval cut down the middle. Before the glue had dried, I spread the cut in half, creating wings. Then I painted black stripes across the bees.

Using pieces of black construction paper, I taped little trails behind the bees.
Lastly, I added blue and pink circles with glitter glue swirls in empty spots.
And there you have it! Now that both of the babies in my class have learned to crawl now, we certainly stay busy as bees in my classroom! Thanks for reading and happy summer!

3 Summer Strawberry Recipes

Summer is the time for strawberry picking- and we had a ton of berries!
I would like to share 3 simple strawberry recipes with you to try this summer! 1. You can make Strawberry Cream Cheese Topping. This can be simply done by mixing chopped strawberries, cream cheese and a bit of sugar to sweeten with! Mix until you have reached the right consistency and use on your toast, english muffins and more. It's a tasty breakfast recipe! 2. Make strawberry yogurt popsicles.
These are a big hit at our house and so easy to make! Add together plain yogurt, chopped or sliced strawberries and sugar to taste. Mix well and taste until perfect!
Use a ladle to scoop the mixture into popsicle molds and set in freezer. Once they have set up, use warm water to pull them out of the molds and enjoy!

3. Make strawberry smoothies!

To make 4 small servings, blend 1/2 cup of yogurt and 1 cup of milk,

Add as many strawberries as you'd like, depending on how strong you want the strawberry taste to be. I used a 1 …

Independence Day Nails

Here is the nail art I used for the Fourth of July this year. Very simple, it just takes a a few steps between drying time.
Paint the base of the nail with a dark blue coat and let dry. Use red polish to paint a strip halfway across the nail at an angle and let dry. Use a white striper brush to paint stripes on the red layer. Also add a couple white dots on the blue layer. Dab sparkly polish around the white dots to look like fireworks. Add a clear or glittery top coat (optional)
And your done! Thanks for reading!

Summer Spots

This is an easy idea for a quick nail idea. Polka dots! This can be easily done by painting your nails a solid color and adding white polka dots to all or one nail! This look is so cute for this summer- by the way, hope you're all having a great one this year!