Busy Bumblebee Display

This is the recent display I created for the infant class at daycare. But this theme could go for any age-especially in the summer!
Busy Bumble Bees
I made the black letters along the top in an uneven pattern and wrote the names of the teachers and babies on little clouds using glitter glue.

 If you're making this for older kids, you can have them decorate their own bumblebees and put their names on each bee, but I just created my own bees with 2 black half-circles and a yellow oval cut down the middle. Before the glue had dried, I spread the cut in half, creating wings. Then I painted black stripes across the bees.

Using pieces of black construction paper, I taped little trails behind the bees.
Lastly, I added blue and pink circles with glitter glue swirls in empty spots.

And there you have it!
Now that both of the babies in my class have learned to crawl now, we certainly stay busy as bees in my classroom!
Thanks for reading and happy summer!


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