Spring Classroom Decor

These are the decorations I made for our spring quarter. It turned out well and my church kids loved it!

I made some super easy signs that applied to spring and spirituality :)

With a cute vase of flowers on the table.

I taped yellow and orange streamers (that's all I could find!) along the window so the sunlight streamed the colors through the room. It was so pretty!

Ceiling decor.

Through much trial and error, I was able to carefully create these ceiling pieces from tissue paper!

The pinwheels were easy to make and looked very cute hanging up!

The butterflies were also very simple to make. I cut 2 sheets of tissue paper into the same shape and used a pipecleaner to attach and secure it. The pipe cleaner also served as the butterfly's body.
These were fun! Using 6 pages on construction paper, I cut each page into petal shapes, and a middle. I also added some swirls made of glitter glue. I made about 6 or 7 of these huge flowers to tape to the wall.

Then we moved our classroom downstairs to our new room, and I brought the decorations with me!
Here's the finished product.

Hope this helped with some inspiration.
Thanks for reading!


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