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Summer Rain

Check out my videoI created on one rainy day.

Took me a while to piece all the scenes together, but it's nice,

considering my videos never turn out! Ha ha ha! 

Don't mind mistakes- just a boredom video, really.

Click on the underlined word 'video'

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5 Minute Lemonade

Lemonade is a must for the summer, and I have made such a super easy recipe for this lemonade, you can't resist to make it yourself. Trust me, it is good! And it only takes 5 minutes! First, juice 3 or 4 lemons to create 1 cup of lemon juice  (1 cup is also 8 ounces) Add 3 cups of water with your lemon juice in the pitcher.

And then lastly, add 3/4 cup of sugar.

And that's it! Told you it was easy! Pour into a glass filled with ice, sit outside in the shade...
And enjoy the rest of the summer! Thanks for reading!

In His Time

This was a short poem I created to remind me about God's plan for my life. I have, like everyone else has had, trials and troubles that make me want to scream out "That's not fair!" We all know that God is the Potter in our lives. He forms, molds, and creates a beautiful work of art that reflects His glory. Have you ever gone to an art museum or see a building structure that is so big or beautiful it automatically makes you think of the artist that had to create, design, and finish the product? That's what I want people to see when they see me or my actions. A work of God's art. But of course, he can't just make us into something great right away, it takes work from both sides- I have to be willing. And sometimes that's hard. Especially when he has to take off any impurities or take us through the fire to make us into a masterpiece. I'm trying to look at this at a different point of view. We see other people having good things happen to them, and som…

Alphabet Posters

This is an awesome idea I used for Ben's Preschool and I believe is a big help for them in learning and recognizing letters and their sounds. Anytime Ben was stuck on a problem, it was easy for him to glance up to remember the letter sounds, the letter's name and how to draw each one. I really believe these posters helped him remember the majority of his letters and the sounds they made from these posters. Each week we learned a new letter, I hung it along the schoolroom. Also, we learned a new letter for the entire week, so every Monday, I created one of these posters, as he tried to guess what the picture could be before it was finished.

A is for Apple! He helped paint this. He still reminds me about his 'apple' he painted himself!

                        B is for Bee- looks like a bumblebee!
C is for clock
D is for Dinosaur.

                                        E is for Elephant

  F is for Fall. We went out on a nature walk the same day and picked things for fall. I arra…

Nautical Office Decor

I was assigned to become office decorator for my Dad. I wanted a nautical theme, so I gathered my supplies and went to work. Nothing had to be bought, except for the rope.  Here are projects from my trunk to yours: Of course, where would life be without pictures? I strung some strong jewelry wire and printed out various black-and-white pictures of our family and beach scenes. They are attached to the wire with binder clips-a popular pinterest idea of today.
He had limited space, so I used whatever shelf and wall space I could find.

Using a small vase, I filled it with sand and shells, wrapping a ribbon around the neck. I scattered shells and used rope around the decor.

Behind the vase is a sign, I made that by painting a simple beach scene using 3 or 4 colors onto a scrap of wood.

The green bottle we had owned and washed. I hand-drew an anchor on a French book page and framed it, gluing seashells around it.
These were simple to make. Using very cheap (I mean cheap, like a nickel each at a th…