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Foaming Experiment

This little science experiment only needs 3 ingredients you can find around the house!

It's always a big hit with the kids- we've done it over and over and over again, and it never gets old with them!

You'll need:

*Small plastic or glass bottle
*Baking Soda
*Dish Soap
*Food Coloring (optional)
*Tray (for a contained mess!)

Very easy to do!
Pour in a couple scoops of baking soda, and the dish soap. Pour the vinegar in and watch it foam and overflow! Add the food coloring during any of these steps for a colorful effect.

It's so much to watch! After it has finished, the kids like to play in it- which is a great clean activity we do often!
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Stempunk Heart Necklace

Steam punk is beginning to trickle into the fashion trend, and I'm sort of drawn to it! The best way to describe it would be a Victorian- Futuristic-Romance.
So many things are associated with this look, from cogs and gears, to top hats and parasols, to padlocks and colored gemstones!

Some steam punk fashion is a little out there, and too far out of my comfort zone. But some of it is so unique looking, I'm just starting to love steam punk! 

Here's a heart charm I made for the "Steampunk" trend, and it's very simple to make yourself!

I bought a very cheap alarm clock at the Dollar Store for a buck, and took it apart, using only the gears and cogs inside. The were made of plastic, so I spray painted some gears bronze and the others silver. After buying a silver heart charm at Walmart, I glued the painted gears onto the heart charm, making sure to keep that heart shape. Then, I glued a rhinestone in the center of a gear and wrapped 20-gauge wire around the heart an…

N is for Nuts- Preschool Activity

N is for nuts! I thought of this idea spur-of-the-moment and tried to find every kind of nut we had in the house. Unfortunately, we only had 2 different kinds- peanuts and pistachios. I was hoping we'd have walnuts, cashews, or filberts. Oh well. This will probably work best with several different kinds of nuts- it's better for sorting that way. Put all of the nuts in a large pile before your student and have him sort out and match the correct nuts to each bucket.

Even though I only had 2 kinds of nuts, I made sure to give him a ton of them so he would have to take the time to sort them all.  It's a very simple way to learn about the letter N! Afterwards, we moved onto our next "N" project while we chomped down on some of those tasty pistachios and peanuts!
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