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Christmas Nail Art

Here's a cute and simple idea for your nails this year!

Paint your nails white, and after it dries, add a pretty sparkly top coat. Don't paint the third nail! On the third nail, paint a green triangle with a small line for the trunk. Using a striper, decorate your mini tree with sparkly gold garland, red ornaments, and a yellow star! Paint over the artwork with a clear top coat to make it last longer, and you're done!

Christmas Door Decoration/Bulletin Board

This is my door decoration at church.  It's very simple to make. Ergh.. I've gotta fix those letters Sunday after class... they're bugging me!
But anyway, aside from all that, all you have to do is draw, cut out, and tape your letters to the door.
"Ring out the news: Jesus is born!"
Make some glittery bells and hang them on some string going across the top.
Make the manger by cutting out long strips for the roof and walls. Make a handmade-looking star and a half and whole circle for Baby Jesus. Cut out 3 thick strips to make the manger. Assemble it all together and you've got yourself a very cute door decoration for Christmastime!
Here's the bulletin board I made for my classroom - this, too, is simple to make. Start by patterning a green and blue checkerboard for the background. Cut out your letters and attach your message:  "We love Him because He first loved us." Again, cut out 3 thick strips for the manger, a half and a whole circle to make Ba…

Gift Wrapping Ideas and Tips

Need some ideas for wrapping this year? I might be able to lend a few tips: Here are all of my gifts already wrapped and ready to be ripped opened again... all that work. :(

Let's get started - or should I say, let's get wrapping! *Try using a simply printed ribbon around the top of the package. Tags that are almost as big as the gift always look cute, too!
*Use plain colored paper, such as white - tied with red curling ribbon. Simple yet elegant.
*Use a printed ribbon to match your plain package. The white paper and matching ribbon gives this package a wintry look.
*Pair different solid paper together and add matching ribbon. Use a foam snowflake as a eye-catching gift tag - I'll get to that later.
*If you have a couple wrapped gifts that need to be packaged together, try wrapping a solid color, and a printed paper. Tie on a patterned ribbon and another noticeable gift tag.
The brown paper is simple to use - recycle old grocery bags!
These packages  are looking so nice! It's e…

8 Easy Christmas Crafts

These crafts are so easy and festive!
Some of them require foot prints and other "hands-on" help...... literally!

This craft can be done by making a long banner of taped paper and drawing a thin line for the strand. Have the kids dip their fingers in paint or ink or various colors and stamping them along the strand. We made this for the letter L-  L is for lights. I cut out a gingerbread man (which I'm cracking up at now, because his shape is so silly!) Anyway, I supplied different colored shapes and had him create a face with the shapes. Then we counted how many of each shapes. Math, art, and shape recognition in one project! The next craft consisted of colored blue paper. White paper was ripped and glued to create a snowy background. I had Ben dip his finger in brown paint and stamp as many prints as he wanted. After they dried, I added walking feet, faces, and trees. the next project is probably the easiest one on this post: I supplied the Christmas cookie cutters and red and …

Glitter dipped Ornament Tutorial

These are so pretty and easy to make! Here's how:

All you really need are clear glass ornaments, glue, and glitter. I used these teardrop/light bulb ornaments- I liked them better than the round baubles.

Roll the bottom of the ornament in Elmer's glue.
Sprinkle with glitter of your choice.

You can get really creative with these, using all kinds of different colors to match your decor. Red and black,
Green and gold,
Icy blue, silver, white, and others! I splattered white paint on that middle one for a snowy look. You can draw designs with the glue before applying glitter, such as dots, waves, drips, or Christmas shapes. Hang them up until they're dry, and you're finished!

Preschool Christmas Bulletin Board

Here's our latest board in Preschool: It turned out a lot cuter than I thought it would, and it's so easy to make! Attach the letters to the board and then add a long piece of yarn. Cut out lightbulb shapes on different color construction paper and write the student's names on them. Hang them on the string. Yeah, we have a big class.
Add a solid color background with simple presents cut out from different shape squares. And that's it!

Music Flower Ornament Tutorial

This is what we're making today: Music flower ornaments.
All you need is: * Mason jar or frozen juice can lid. * Scissors *A coin (depending on what shape you want the circles to be. I usually use a quarter.) *A pen. *hot glue and E6000 glue *rhinestones and glitter. *Sheet music (or book pages) *Skewer. Step 1: Start by drawing circles on your paper- using your coin as a template. Cut them all out.
Step 2: Begin gluing your circles around the lid working from the outside in.*This is where you might want to use the E6000. :)
Step 3: Curl the edges of the circles. That can be achieved by using your skewer. Fold the edge around the skewer and roll it towards you. Slip the skewer out. Repeat the process to make it curlier. Do this to all the circles on the lid. Step 4: Glue a rhinestone in the center and glitter on the edges of the circles.
Step 5: Hot glue pretty ribbon and lace to the back of the lid so you can hang them up!
Step 6: Make a whole bunch of them and give away as gifts or hang them on y…