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Marble vase

Here's a cute idea for a vase that I thought of...It makes a cute centerpiece! I hope you like it!

Start off with a vase- I know, mine is skinny and small, but you can use any size you want.
Next, put clear marbles inside the vase. I added in some marbles I had cracked in the oven earlier for a little bit of sparkle and variety to the vase.

Next, fill the vase with water...(to the top) Before I moved on, I got distracted and made a little charm to go around the vase. You could do that too by bending wire into a flower, a butterfly, a heart... anything! Then, take a tealight (make sure you take it out of it's metal holder) and place it on top of the water in the vase and it will float! According to how big your vase is, you could add several little tealights to float in the vase. It's such a cute decoration in the day... And also in the night. So that's it! (Easy, right?) But remember, you don't have to do it my way, you could always add your kind of touch... Instead o…

Organize your earrings the classy way!

I have a lot of big earrings. But the problem was that I didn't have a big enough box for my earrings to be stored and organized! So I did some searching around to find a good way to organize them without it being in a junky looking box or something that didn't quite match my room. I found a few good ideas, and kinda incorporated it into an idea of my own. So here it is:

Very easy, and looks cute - especially on my dresser. You'll need:
A picture frame (Whatever size you want- it depends on how many earrings you want to organize or display. I used a 4x6 frame)Strong wire (A good kind of wire to use would be picture frame wire, but the store I went to didn't have any, so I just used the wire you find by the fake flowers.)Cloth (Any color you want and any kind of fabric)Glue (E6000, Gorilla glue, super glue, something STRONG!)
I don't have any pictures of me making it, so I hope you can understand it enough... :(

Start with the frame and remove the backing and glass. Cut…

Vacation scrapbook

I wanted to share with you the fun places I've been over the last couple of years with my family and friends! I guess it could be a "mini vacation scrapbook!"

 We went to Shipshewana, IN. when Grandpa came to visit. All the shops were sooo cool! Here's the candy shoppe...

And then our family went blacklight bowling. (It was one of our homeschool field trips.) This is Mom and Dad helping Ben bowl!

 Then we took the long trip to the Indianapolis Children's Museum. This is the HUGE tower of blown glass - it was pretty cool! I've always liked that museum... :)

And of course, every year, we always go to the Indiana Dunes Beach.

And every year at the end of May we always go to a zoo. This is a picture from the skyride of the Fort Wayne Zoo.

We had so much fun when we went on Homeschool Day to Indiana Beach!! I think we're going again this year too!

This is our big 10-man when we went camping at Potato Creek State park. Our family had a lot of fun realxing and eating …

Spring has Sprung bulliten board

Here's my spring bulliten board in my class! Spring has sprung!!
Very easy! I first cut out my letters and made them "springy" by coloring flowers and polka dots on them.

Then I added some pipecleaner "springs" all over the board...

I put some grass at the bottom of the board and made a pretty sparkly butterfly for the corner.

I put my flower cutouts decorated with glitter on it and I used pipecleaner for the springy stems.

Add some leaves, too.
And you're done! Easy, cute, springy!

Rhinestone clutch

Well, the other day I decided to make this really cute clutch purse!

I could not believe how easy this project was...

I just used a boring clutch purse I've always had. (You can find them at yard sales or thrift stores... anywhere cheap.) Then I picked out the color rhinestones I wanted for the bag. (I bought a whole bunch of different colored rhinestones at Walmart.)

Then I just glued the desired gems on with a hot glue gun. ( I love that thing!)

That's it! Super cute and super easy. So, whatever you'd like to do: add more, add less, make a design or a picture... just make it look awesome! I love using my "new purse!"