Marble vase

Here's a cute idea for a vase that I thought of...It makes a cute centerpiece! I hope you like it!

Start off with a vase- I know, mine is skinny and small, but you can use any size you want.
Next, put clear marbles inside the vase.
I added in some marbles I had cracked in the oven earlier for a little bit of sparkle and variety to the vase.

Next, fill the vase with water...(to the top)
Before I moved on, I got distracted and made a little charm to go around the vase. You could do that too by bending wire into a flower, a butterfly, a heart... anything!
Then, take a tealight (make sure you take it out of it's metal holder) and place it on top of the water in the vase and it will float!
According to how big your vase is, you could add several little tealights to float in the vase.
It's such a cute decoration in the day...
And also in the night.
So that's it! (Easy, right?)
But remember, you don't have to do it my way,
you could always add your kind of touch...
  • Instead of clear marbles, trade them out with colored ones.
  • Don't add water, just nestle a tealight on top of the marbles.
  • You don't even have to use a tealight! Nestle a tapered or pillar candle inside the marbles.
  • You can put flowers in the water and marble vase instead of a candle...
  • Just be creative! I hope this gave you inspiration to try it out on your own!



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