Vacation scrapbook



I wanted to share with you the fun places I've been over the last couple of years with my family and friends! I guess it could be a "mini vacation scrapbook!"

 We went to Shipshewana, IN. when Grandpa came to visit. All the shops were sooo cool! Here's the candy shoppe...

And then our family went blacklight bowling. (It was one of our homeschool field trips.) This is Mom and Dad helping Ben bowl!

 Then we took the long trip to the Indianapolis Children's Museum. This is the HUGE tower of blown glass - it was pretty cool! I've always liked that museum... :)

And of course, every year, we always go to the Indiana Dunes Beach.

And every year at the end of May we always go to a zoo. This is a picture from the skyride of the Fort Wayne Zoo.

 We had so much fun when we went on Homeschool Day to Indiana Beach!! I think we're going again this year too!

 This is our big 10-man when we went camping at Potato Creek State park. Our family had a lot of fun realxing and eating in the great outdoors! 

Then we also went to Six Flags! I love roller coasters, but the rides I love the most are the water rides. I could ride those over and over all day long!!

I think my favorite vacation we've had so far (well, except for our trip to Florida.) was our trip to Marengo Cave State Park. We got to stay in some very nice cabins there and went on a tour of the cave! It was so cool and so pretty, too!!

 Every year we go to apple orchards as one of our field trips. This one was in Michigan. They had some nice pumpkins too!! This is us and our homeschool group.

 Another great place I loved going to was the Creation Museum!! I would love going there at least once a year. It was absolutely amazing! No words can really describe how awesome that museum really was... you just have to go there yourself.  

 This is a picture of the Ohio Caverns. When our Homeschool group went to the Creation Museum, we stopped here on our way back home. Caves and caverns are a lot different from each other and I never knew that until we visited here. It was still pretty nonetheless. What a great world God has made!

Then we went inside a HUGE greenhouse full of beautiful tropical plants. The Botanical Gardens in Fort Wayne.

 And after the greenhouse, we headed over to the Science museum. That was such a cool place. They had everything there- from optical illusions to tornadoes you could create on your own!

Me and my friend took a trip to Michigan and had a great time there too! This is us at a golf course...

So that's it! I've been to so many other places, but these are my favorite places I've been. Hope you enjoyed them!


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