Preschool Graduation Decor

It's just about that time for school to come to an end and I've come up with 2 cute ideas to decorate the class with. We're celebrating their graduation into Kindergarten! So sad to see them grow up... :(

This is my idea for the Preschool door. I asked the kids what was something they wanted to do when they got to Kindergarten... Some answers were quite unique!

The parents enjoy reading their children's creative answers.
I also colored/cut out some school-related pictures, such as pencils, glue bottles, apples, letters and numbers.
Another idea I had....
Cutting out stars and letters stating, "We're glad for our grads!"
I took a picture of the Preschoolers that were graduating into Kindergarten and printed them out, sticking them to the stars.
This display is along the wall above the cubbies. The parents REALLY liked this idea! I also put each child's name and year on the picture, so I can take them down and give to the parents in the last day of school.
I hoped this helped you get inspired for the classroom and excited for the great summer ahead!

Thanks for reading!


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