Alphabet Posters

This is an awesome idea I used for Ben's Preschool and I believe is a big help for them in learning and recognizing letters and their sounds.
Anytime Ben was stuck on a problem, it was easy for him to glance up to remember the letter sounds, the letter's name and how to draw each one. I really believe these posters helped him remember the majority of his letters and the sounds they made from these posters.
Each week we learned a new letter, I hung it along the schoolroom.
Also, we learned a new letter for the entire week, so every Monday, I created one of these posters, as he tried to guess what the picture could be before it was finished.

A is for Apple! He helped paint this. He still reminds me about his 'apple' he painted himself!

                        B is for Bee- looks like a bumblebee!
C is for clock

D is for Dinosaur.

                                        E is for Elephant

  F is for Fall. We went out on a nature walk the same day and picked things for fall. I arranged them into an "F"
G is for Gumballs. This one was a little tricky for him to remember, but by the middle of the school year, he had it down pat!

H is for Hearts. Naturally.
I is for Ice cream. I liked this one!

J is for Jacket.

                                                               K is for Kite.

L is for Lion

                 M is for Monster! Ben helped decorate that one...
                                 He never forgot it that way.

                       N is for Noodles. I had him glue noodles on it.

                                        O is for Octopus.
P is for . Oops! We're missing one!

Q is for Quilt.

                                           R is for Rock

                                             S is for Seeds.

                                           T is for Tree

                                        U is for Umbrella

                                                             V is for Volcano

                            W is for Watermelon. I liked this one too.

                                          X is for X-Ray

Y is for Yellow. Ben helped decorate with 'yellow' things

                            And lastly, and of course, Z is for Zebra

Thank you so much for reading and I hope this will help you for this coming school year!


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