Button bracelets

Yay! My first post about my jewelry!
I love making jewelry. I didn't realize I had been making it for so long until I saw an old pic of a bracelet I had made long ago. I'm still learning tips and tricks here and there. I've made a lot of mistakes, but I'm slowly learning ...

Here is my first jewelry inspiration to you:
Button Bracelets!
They are so easy to make. I think the only hard part about it is finding the time to string them all on individually!
I started with some buttons I wanted to use, and I began threading wire through the button holes and making loops on the end. When it looked like it was enough to cram on a bracelet, I threaded all of the buttons on some thick elastic string.
Even though I had strung them all on, it was still not quite enough, so I added some matching beads too!
Here's another one I made.
These have a lot more beads on them than buttons.
And then I made a gold one too...


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