Open House picture display

Here's a neat picture display idea for a Graduation Open House. I did this a few years back when I graduated and thought I could share it you! Displaying your pictures for everyone to see is better than placing a photo album book on the table!
This was my table at my open house. A lot of stuff. All of my trophies, awards, ribbons, certificates, school essays, paintings,  and just about everything I had done throughout my life until the end of High School. 
Anyway, focusing on the board I have on the left table, you can see all of the pictures I displayed on the board.
I started by covering a large piece of cardboard with some white butcher paper, and writing a Bible verse in the center.

Then I taped all of my pictures around the verse to the edges of the board. It was a simple project, where I didn't need many materials to work with, but it was large enough to display as many photos as I wanted!
There you are! Easy peasy, rice and cheesy!
Thanks for reading!


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