"Clean" Bachelorette Party Ideas

We had such a great time celebrating my sister's last week as a single lady!!
Being her Maid of Honor, I enjoyed planning her bachelorette party for her and her bridesmaids to celebrate. One problem I ran into (that you might be able to relate to if you're reading this post) was finding clean ideas and games for a fun night out! Most of the ideas I found were centered around sexual games and drinking. I wanted to keep it clean and just have a generally good time, and none of the ladies invited did not drink, so I was having a little bit of trouble brainstorming a game plan. 

Some sites suggested to take a weekend trip to Vegas, or spend all night at the club, but I managed to create a fun night that wasn't going to break anyone's bank account, and keep us laughing until the party was over- without alcohol involved!

  The party was at my sister's house, and I made a poster sign to hang over our table. Underneath I hung tissue paper tassle garland.

I had our snacks and candy laid out, along with a nailpolish station for any lady wanting to pamper herself.
 I also made some simple cardstock badges with pins hot glued to the back for the bridal party to wear all night long!

Using jolly ranchers, I melted the unwrapped candies in hot water and stretched them to create petals. I quickly wrapped them around a skewer stick and added more candy petals and leaves to create a rose. These were the party favors. If you were planning to try these, be sure to wear gloves to prevent the candy from burning, or staining your fingers! It can also get pretty sticky!

 Before dinner, we headed to the mall and had a scavenger hunt. It was so fun pairing into teams! When we finally met back, we laughed so much after comparing selfies and telling stories of the risks we took in public!

When we headed home, we ordered pizza, made root beer floats and watched "Pride and Prejudice." 
We also played a couple games, one of them being a Disney love song karoke!
Overall, we had a great time and enjoyed having a party for the Bride to be! 
If you are trying to think of some more clean ideas that can fit a small budget, but can still become a fun girls night out?

Here are some more cheap and clean ideas!

-Spa night (Have at the house or go out!)
-Mall scavenger hunt or best bargain finding contest
-Hide and Seek in a public place (like Walmart)
-Bowling, GoKarts, Mini Golf, or Black Light Laser Tag
-Make Banana Splits
-Visit an Aquarium
-Visit a Donut shoppe or Candy Store
-Lingerie Shopping
-Play Games (Charades, Cranium, Pie in the Face, etc)
-Nerf Gun fight
-Water Balloons
-Make a Giant Slip and Slide
-Make Tshirts from tie dye or paint splattering
-Paint self portraits of each other
-Canvas painting
-Photo booth
-Go to a nice restaurant and shopping
-Watch a new movie at the Theater
-Trampoline house (like Skyzone)
-Make a tea or coffee bar


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