Caring for my Curls

I have the thickest, curliest hair around! Sometimes, it can be a handful (or should I say a hairful) to deal with!

If you are looking for some tips to help you keep your hair healthy, I've posted this in hopes to help you today! 
These are my products and my process to keep my curls at their fluffiest!

 Unfortunately, I don't have a specific brand regarding shampoo. I use whatever is bought. Hahaha. To help you out a little bit more, it is always an organic and chemical-free shampoo (usually from Whole Foods). Never have been disappointed with their brands!

I LOVE Shea Moisture for my hair care! I can't say enough about them, this brand always leaves my hair feeling so healthy, soft and looking shiny and smooth! I use their conditioner in my routine.

Every night, before bed, I brush my hair up into a high messy bun. I found that this adds body to my curls the next day. Keeping my hair down overnight adds to the frizz in the morning, and honestly makes them more wavy than anything. 


Now, if I'm having a lazy day, I like to use Garnier Fructis styling hair gel to make my curls fall loosely and make them more wavy than tight. I apply this product after wetting my hair, brushing out tangles, and scrunching in the gel. 

 Again... my favorite!, I use Shea Moisture for a styling cream. This smells SO good and makes my curls last all day! I love it so much! The cream brings out the thickness of my hair and tightens my curls up for a day or night out! 
Again, I use the product by first wetting my hair, brushing out tangles, and scrunching the cream through my hair. I add a little hairspray and go!

Thank you so much for reading-- I really hope this was a help to you! 

2 more hair health tips for y'all:
- Massaging coconut oil into your scalp during your shower helps moisturize, lengthen, and shine your hair!
-Apple cider vinegar (as bad as it smells!) Keeps your curls at their best as well! Click here to read my cider spray post!


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