Superhero Bedroom Ideas

 I am thrilled to show y'all the finished results of my brother's superhero bedroom!!

This came per request of my 8 and 12 year old brothers, and I started thinking of cheap DIY projects to make this transformation possible, trying to include the best of both worlds- Marvel and DC!

If you are looking for some easy and cheap ideas for this kind of bedroom theme, continue reading!

Here is a quick tour around their small bedroom, and then a breakdown on the DIYs. :)

 I got excited to start taking pictures of the results, I hadn't finished screwing on all the dresser drawer knobs... so please, try your best to ignore that!

 Alright, down to the basics!

 I painted a long raw piece of wood (no measured size) and hammered several small nails along the bottom. I taped school bulletin board letters (that's how they look so perfectly cut!) above it, and they love to keep their guns and weapons on display to grab and go! Ben also displayed all of his superheroes dolls (ahem... action figures) on his dresser. I don't know how Darth Vader rates!

We gave both of the dressers a fresh coat of paint which made a HUGE difference! I hand-painted each drawer knob with different superhero emblems. 

Also, I want to say that we painted the cheesy 1970s paneling a slate gray, and touched up the baseboards and outlets with red paint! It made the room pop and completely change it all! I'll never stop being amazed at how much a room can change with a new color of paint!

I also purchased a couple wooden letters for their first names, and painted both initials to look like their top favorite superheroes! They had a hard time deciding who they actually liked the best!

Ironman for Ben and The Hulk for Josh :)

Above their bed, I handpainted this sign and framed it. 

 Of course, it can't be a complete room without some kind of character blanket! They had this blanket and sheet set for years, and the boys spread this blanket out on the duvet like the "final touch."


 These are the simplest curtain tiebacks! It is just craft foam cut into the number eight, and eyeholes cut out. I punched holes in each side of the mask and thread bright ribbon through for the ties. I added a foam star to the center of the mask.

Probably the boys' favorite part of the bedroom is their costume display! They don't have to dig around for their favorite suit before saving the day, they can grab it off the hook and fly off like all superheroes do! Again, just like the weapon rack, I painted and nailed up a strip of wood, added nails, and spelled out their command in school bulletin board letters.
Looks pretty cool right? Everything is displayed- costume, cape and mask! 

Still wondering how Ninja Turtles rate with heroes like Batman and Captain America...?!

Throughout the bedroom, I taped up some handpainted signs of hero emblems and quotes. This one that hangs above their suit display has Superhero Rules, such as:
-Be Brave 
-Be Strong

Now this is MY favorite part of the bedroom! When I peeled off the tape after the wall dried, I was so excited that it turned out- it is WAY too easy for you NOT to try!!

Gotham CityScape 

 On a clean wall, use thin masking tape to create long skyscrapers of your own design. 

I kept it simple at first, but I got creative as I started getting comfortable with it. It really is just all about angles, and you can also connect some buildings together, if you are worried about keeping a straight line down to the floor.

 It took about two coats of black paint between those masking tape lines, and once it had completely dried (no cheating and peeling it while it's still tacky), I carefully peeled off all the tape! I used a fine paintbrush to correct any mistakes I might have spotted, but overall, this was the result! I added the classic sound effects from the beloved Batman comics on the CityScape to complete it, but that is totally optional to you! :)

Next, my mom did such a great job painting the door to be a Superman telephone booth! The boys LOVE flinging this door open in their suits and taking off down the hallway to "save the day"... or whatever it is they do!

Trust me, this is not as difficult as it looks! I was a little hesitant to try this, but I loved the result! I painted the whole door red (as you can see), Used thick masking tape to create 12 windows. Two on each row. I used a long strip of thin masking tape to carefully (and evenly!) tape down the center of the windows and painted the blocks white! This also took two coats because the red was so vivid!
I also blocked off a small rectangle at the top of the door for our "telephone" sign! After we traced and painted the letters, and peeled off the tape, it looked fantastic! I have to say I was pretty impressed! Again, with small touch ups after you peel.

As I said earlier, I free-hand painted about 15 superhero emblems! That was a whole evening of work all in itself. Some of the heroes the boys'  wanted to be on the walls included:
-Fantastic 4
-Captain America
-The Avengers

to name a few! The boys just kept rattling them off, and I was thinking: How do you keep track of all of this?! I could only think of 4 by myself! Haha

The emblems can just be googled and some were easy while others more difficult to paint free-handed!

Here are a few emblems, and also another quote I had made.

 "Always be yourself. Unless you can be Spiderman. Then always be Spiderman!"

Also, included on that wall is the Batman light switch plate cover, which I would like to switch out to a nice store-bought one! Not everything has to be crafted all the time, guys!

Outside of their bedroom, I had each brother stamp their painted hand onto some cardstock, allowing them access into their secret hideout (Entrance to the bedroom)

And lastly, the first thing they see everytime they walk into their bedroom.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope this was a help and an inspiration for you today! 
Let me know in the comments what you think! And be sure to like my page on Facebook and share it! 
And remember:

Not all superheroes wear capes.


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