"Basket of Firsts" Wedding Gift

I wanted to make something special for my sister and brother-in-law's wedding present! I came across this cool idea to create a "Basket of Firsts", but it was just a basket or tub of different alcohol! :(
Since the newlyweds don't drink, I decided to recreate this idea by adding my own gifts to make their first year together special.

Here is my gift:

Of course, more occasions can be added for different events throughout the year!

Here's what's inside!

First Valentine's Day- Heart shaped cookie cutters (which I know will be super useful for my sister!)

First Christmas- A sprig of mistletoe (plenty of kissin'!)

First dinner- Spatula 

First Anniversary- A cute wooden sign to hang up

 First Home- DIY wipe off board
 (So easy! Measure and cut a piece of scrapbook paper stating "Thank you for..." or "I love you because..." and put it inside a small or large picture frame. Any dry erase markers can be written and easily wiped off the glass! Write appreciations for your spouse to see before he goes to work each morning and he can write a note in return!)

And... First Winter- DIY hot cocoa mugs for a cuddle date together. (And there is gonna be a LOT of snow where they're living!)

Bought these mugs at the Dollar Tree (which have less gloss on them) and used permanent marker to make my free-handed design of "Mr." and "Mrs." with "est. 2017" below. I cooked them in the oven at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minutes. 
*Can't say if the marker scratches or wears off over time, but when I washed them after cooling, the design stayed!*

After I assembled the gifts in the reusable basket, I wrapped each gift individually before finally putting it in a gift bag so there is no peeking until that occasion comes! They'll be opening gifts throughout the year!

I hope this was an inspiration to you! I want to thank you for all the views I get on these posts- it really means a lot! Thanks for stopping by!


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