DIY Scrapbook

Right now, my boyfriend and I are approaching one (dragging) year of long distance together.

Before we parted ways, I had created this scrapbook for him. This took me about 2 weeks to make, (because I could only work on 1-2 pages a night while I was in College at the time.) This scrapbook was a collection of:
-celebrating our dating relationship so far
-diary entries and drawings I wanted to share with him
-pictures of us and future plans we made together
-encouragement to get through the long distance
-compliments and sweet sayings that made him smile

I came up with so many great ideas to fill each page, and I wanted to share a few of the pages to give you ideas.
This is a great handmade gift that is truly from the heart. You can create this scrapbook for anniversaries, going away gifts, Christmas gifts, and so much more! Daniel loves it- he told me it was one of the best things he has ever received from me and he still looks through it often. 

I want you to get creative and think of your own ways to celebrate memories of your relationship in a written and decorated form... <3

Walmart sells the cutest packs of scrapbook paper patterns for $5-$10 right now! I bought a couple, and glued them on each page. I didn't buy an elaborate and expensive journal (which isn't a bad idea), but I did use a normal college-ruled notebook with a sturdy cover. I also bought some cute stickers and started crafting away!

This is the cover- the heart was made from all the paper scraps I had leftover from my scrapbook pages. 

Here are a few pages that are inside the book:

 He loves Star Wars!

 I glued a decorated envelope onto the page and added in the note naming all my favorite things about him!
 I also included some "Open When" envelopes!

Thank you so much for reading! I hope this was a help to you! Again, this was such a surprise and encouragement to him, and I'm sure it will make anyone feel special about their relationship to you when you put your feelings into a scrapbook form like this! 
Good luck! 


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