Candle necklaces

I love this idea I've recently started...

Candle necklaces!! They're very easy to make and it really adds to the candle, making it look more elegant and pretty.
-Start by measuring the size of the candle's neck-Make sure you make the wire a tad bigger than the actual size. I tried it once with a cheap Walmart candle, but found out the hard way that the Better Homes and Gardens candles are slimmer in the neck, so be careful how you measure.

-Then, using a thick wire, create a small loop at one end. Add the desired beads to match your candle and/or room decor. (I decided to add some charms along the way.) Once you've created the desired look, add another small loop at the other end.

-Fit your creation around the candle and... now for the tricky part! :)

-Use a thinner, bendier wire to tie the small loop ends together to keep the necklace from slipping down the candle. (I tied mine really well on one end, but just wrapped the other end around and around to tighten it--that way, I could tighten or loosen it to different sizes according to the candle's neck.) 
So there you go! I made this one for the Pastor's wife
Her living room had all these colors in it.
I made this beach theme necklace for my sister's room.
I think I like this one the best. With a mix of wood, shell, and glass beads, it made it an excellent piece.
Here's a mini-size one (using the little Walmart dollar candles.)
I added a little pop of color to it and some rhinestone charms.
Then I made one to match my room. My room is music-themed, and I found a selection of red, black, white and silver beads to use.
I think the little polymer clay rose bead added a nice touch...
and so did the treble clef charm I made, simply by bending the wire to the desired shape.
Try it out for yourself! You'll probably get addicted to it, that's for sure! :)
There are so many charms and beads you could add to match your candle! Not to mention all the colors and themes you could try out!


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