Pin-hole lamps

Okay, this is a super easy DIY craft I just HAD to share with you guys! It turned out to look so awesome! Needless to say, I was quite impressed with myself...

I bought a lamp shade... and found a design that would be best to match my room decor...

Then, I just taped that design to the lampshade, and with the help of my sister... we poked holes through the paper to put the design onto the shade. The light shone through the holes when we were done.
Pretty cool, right? By the way, use whatever sharp instrument you'd like, depending on what size you'd like the holes to be. We used a needle and thumbtack.
It was such a great surprise to see that it turned out so well! It's so easy! but I do have to warn you, it does wear out the fingers and thumb!
All finished! Hope you enjoyed!


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