Small spring bulletin board

Here's another spring bulletin board I came up with! This creation is hanging in my Tiny Tot room at church! It's so cute and colorful and draws attention to itself as soon as you walk into the room!

"God makes spring beautiful!"
Here's how you make it...
  • Starting with a white background , add some green grass.
  • Then, attach some leaves and stems coming up from the grass as well.
  • Create your own flowers! You can make the flowers as a class project, or save time and make your own. Use any kind of material-- I used yellow tissue paper with rhinestone centers.
  • Make some raindrops from light blue construction paper and add some glitter all around the edge of the drop. Attach the rain all over the board.
  • Make a beautiful butterfly (This can also be a class craft) and add that anywhere you'd like...
  • And finally, add your letters. "God makes spring beautiful!"
  All finished!

  •  God certainly does make spring beautiful!
    Hope you enjoyed this idea! More teacher inspirations soon to come!


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