Farmhouse Dining Room Decor (On a Budget)

For several years, my Mom had the classic "hens and chickens" dining room and kitchen decor, with mustard yellow walls... That all changed last Saturday. We are about to move onto the living room and give that a fresh modern look as well! I'm excited to reveal the simple farmhouse decor today!

I wish I had thought to add some 'before' pictures, because it was QUITE a transformation, but I think these 'after' pictures will be good enough! 

We started with a calm, neutral color and found decor to match the scheme she wanted. I lot of her hues were found in nature-- different shades of brown, sage green, sky blue, and we added white to give it a clean pop.

We scored by finding an old window pane for $3 at a yard sale! I repainted it and attached it to the wall, adding a heart wreath in the center with a suction cup hook. (Another yard sale find for $0.25!)

Mom took away the bright red table runner and replaced with doilies. The centerpiece was a metal basket (@ Goodwill), which fit 3 old milk bottles inside perfectly! We filled the bottles with tall wheat grass and cattails. I made the cotton stems with:

-cotton balls pulled slightly apart to make different sizes
-pine cone pieces 

As you can see, we just added a mirror to the back of the piano, and our (goodwill) watering can with wildflowers inside set on a doily.

It was a little hard to decide what to put on the hutch, but I like how it turned out. We displayed her white canister set, the small crate to hold her white teaset, the wicker basket of fruit, and an abstract of her color scheme.

We also tried to include some signs. This is on top of the hutch.

Next to the door, we displayed a little vase (@ goodwill again) of daisies, and a small 'gather' sign. I actually free-handed this on a brown grocery bag. Haha
We took down the rooster curtains and replaced with some white lace curtains, which look really nice against the brow walls.


The rest of the daisies were put inside an antique flour sifter.

 I traced and printed the family name and added some leaf stems to go around the monogram. This was free to make! We had all the supplies and frame already!

Want to know the total for this room change?
Paint and decor from yard sales and Goodwill: $41.25 
I hand-painted the signs, and Mom already had the furniture and canisters, and we got our flowers at the Dollar Tree.

Hope this was a help if you need some new farmhouse inspiration to your house! Thanks for stopping by!


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