DIY Oxfords!

I am so excited to show you guys this finished product of my DIY Oxford shoes!! It is actually a Pinterest-inspired DIY, and I *love* how they came out!
I get compliments on these all the time! You can make them too!
Here's how:

I bought plain white tennis shoes at the Dollar Store this summer
and started by tracing the design I needed with a pencil. From looking at some Oxford styles, they have a zigzag design with dots just past the lacing eyes, a pointed scallop with dots on the toe, dots along the seam below the tongue, and a colored section on the back of the shoe with dots also. Hopefully the finished result of the shoes explain themselves better than I am right now concerning where to trace and then where to paint!

Once I had the desired pattern, I used acrylic paint. (Fabric paint would probably work much better, but this was just an experimental craft at the time.)

After I had painted the color I wanted on the designated area, I added the small dots all over the pencil drawn places on the shoes.
I re-laced the shoes after they dried. You may wonder if they are waterproof... Here's how I found out.

Funny story- the same night I made these, I had to go to a bridal shower and decided to show off my new creation! After the party was over, we had a huge rainstorm roll in creating some flash flooding as well!! I tried jumping into the car to avoid ruining my new shoes, but I ended up slipping and splashing into an ankle deep puddle! 
When I came home, I was so afraid I would look down to see brown runny paint streaking down my shoes, but nothing had changed! So I guess it is safe to say they are waterproof..? I wouldn't recommend finding out the hard way like I did!

So, thank you for taking the time to read this! I wish I had taken more in-process pictures as I created them, but I hope it helps you get inspired today!  

P.S. If you are not into the Oxford style, you really can customize your own look! I made these for one of my friends. She loves anchors and it was a score of a gift!

I penciled on the stripes and free-handed the anchor. I also added two mismatched heels for variety, and painted away!


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