Quick Bedroom Tour

Hey guys! Life has been pretty busy over here for me, and I just wanted to stop in and let you know I really appreciate seeing the views! I have some new ideas coming up for y'all!

Right now, I want to show you my bedroom style that I have just completed. I *had* a contemporary music-themed bedroom for years, and I recently changed it to lighter look. Here are a few peeks! 

 I bought the mirrored table at Ross, and I use it for my succulents, greens, and terrariums :)
I painted all the terracotta pots to my style also.

Of course, I have my amazing $40 DIY vanity for my beauty needs! Click here to find out how I made this!

 I wanted to keep my room accents simple and classic. The black and white signs create a pop on my gray wall. I love displaying my keyboard as a statement piece! My new white faux fur blanket is draped over the bench.

** Find out how to make the DIY picture display here and that easy canvas here (top right).

I brought in 2 stacks of pallets to create my bed base and added a box spring, and a regular mattress on top to create a new bed! The pillow case covers can be bought on Amazon for really cheap. (Seriously, I think the striped case was $2, including shipping!)
 I painted one of my bedroom walls with chalkboard paint and I can draw new art everyday! Not to mention the convenience of jotting down a new note to remember and so much more! I love how trendy it looks! It only took 2 coats to cover and the wall can be erased over and over again!

Love my end table! I picked up this crate at Walmart and added a few pretty things, including a candle, some books, a lamp, and a quote block.

                      Aww! Seeing my boyfriend's picture makes me miss him so much right now!

I love the minimalism of my dresser right now!
-I hung my sun-hat above the dresser
-displayed my Maid of Honor bouquet in the corner
-hung my earrings on a trendy tree
-used a mug to hold my pens, along with my Mexico trinket dish. Click here to see it dish up close.

I had so much furniture and knickknacks in my old bedroom, I felt more relived and less stressed once I cleared away unnecessary room stuff and organized my life. I'm always looking for more ways to minimalize my life, and I'm happy with the new change.

I hope this was a help to someone trying find new ideas for a bedroom redo. Much love to all, and thanks for stopping by for a read! More posts to come soon!


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