DIY Vanity!

I want to show you my latest project:

A Beauty Vanity you can build yourself!

For a while, I have been searching for the "perfect" vanity for all of my makeup and hair supplies! 
I was having trouble finding the perfect one, because the average beauty vanity can range anywhere from $200 - $1,500+ !
The "cheaper" ones came with only 1 drawer, so more storage would have to be budgeted in as well. 

I started to brainstorm my way through this. I was able to build my own vanity for only $40. The vanity also gives me the opportunity to add as many storage containers as needed!

Here's a breakdown of what I gathered to create this:

*(2) 3-drawer black stackables at Walmart (any color can be painted to match your room of course) = PRICE: $22

*Sturdy tabletop board at Ace Hardware Store (I measured, cut, and painted black.) = PRICE: $1.50
*Letter organizer for oversized eyeshadow pallets at Walmart = PRICE: $5


*Chair = FREE (we find chairs at yard sales all the time!) 

*Small - Medium mirror = FREE (I already had, but they're like $5)

*Vanity close up mirror at Walmart = PRICE: $10

Here is how I store my products:

 Magnetic Makeup Board for displaying my everyday makeup needs! It helps prevent the insanity of digging around in your drawer or makeup bag! Click here to see the tutorial to make this! Literally takes 10 minutes and all you need is spray paint and a baking sheet!

Dollar Tree Mini Drawers. 

These are the perfect size to keep all of my bobby pins, hair ties, eyeliners, and lip glosses in! I spray painted them to match better. (considering they were a vivid red and blue!)

My Kate Spade inspired perfume display! This tray holds all my pretty perfume bottles! Click here to see the easy tutorial for this!

On a side note, I like to keep my hair products on an easily accessible shelf above my vanity with my quote block.

I also keep my glasses folded on my lampshade.

Another necessity for your vanity, is to keep a cute candle or vase of flowers on the table.

This was my Maid of Honor Bouquet. <3

I hope this has helped you become inspired today and given you some ideas to make your own! In addition to having extra storage space available with a DIY vanity, it also gives ease of moving it around your bedroom when you want to rearrange!

Thanks for stopping by!


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