Magentic Makeup Board

Hey guys! I just finished creating this awesome makeup display! It is so simple to make- you could get this craft done in 30 minutes at the most!!

All I used was:

* A baking sheet 
*Spray paint of my choice
* Mini Magnets (found in the Walmart craft aisle)

Starting with the baking sheet, I sprayed it with a few different layers of colored spray paint-- creating this new color to match my bedroom. 
One of the cans was nearly empty, but it worked in my favor by creating these blue speckles on the sheet.

Using the small round magnets I attached them to my makeup, hung up my baking sheet once the paint dried on a nail, and now have a handy magnetic makeup board. 

I love that I don't have to dig in my makeup bag for what I need- I have it all displayed on my wall!

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