Kate Spade Inspired Vanity Set!

I am SO excited to show y'all my latest painting success! 
I LOVE Kate Spade!! Her patterns and colors are adorable on everything and I love the classy look they give! I just brought in our old 1980's vanity to use and have been thinking of some cute organized decorations for my beauty display! 

I bought this vintage dish at a yard sale, but I see them almost anywhere thrifty! I added a few touches of black and silver on the dish (Only enough to enhance it!) 

I use this dish to hold my eyeshadows.

 Next, my Aunt had made this plate stand for me, and from what I can tell, it looks very easy to make with a couple of plates, some super glue and a candlestick!

I painted stripes on the top plate and big polka dots on the bottom plate, adding gold accents as a small finishing touch. I was so pleased with the result! After the paint dried, I added a spray paint clear gloss to prevent the paint from scratching and to make it shine.

I use it to hold my perfumes, and it looks so classy!

Thank you all for stopping by to read! Hope it was an inspiration for you today! Follow me on Instagram @trunk_ation


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