Autumn Decor: Mantle or Large Shelf

Here is another decorating idea for the Fall time.

                        Decorating a mantle or large shelf:

More cluttered than some would like, I know. And when I gathered all of the decorations together, I was afraid that it would look junky, but turns out, I ended up liking it a lot!

I did buy most of my decorations for this display, but some of the decorations I made myself! And here they are:

I made this pillar candle for the shelf. (It's really easy)

 Using a large vase,
fill the jar with brown raffia and then place the candle inside. (By the way, that candle just BARELY fit in there!) Then, stuff some fall leaves around the candle  - make sure some of it is peeking out.

Be careful when lighting it, we don't want any leaves or raffia catching on fire! :0

I also added a small fall picture on there.
(Find out how to make this decoration by clicking here)

Also, I added an old wooden sign against the back of the wall on the shelf:

(Find out how to make this sign and others by clicking here)
Then, the very last craft I made for this shelf were Mod Podge sheet music pumpkins.

(And you can find out how to make these by clicking here)
And that's it! Oh, and before I forget, here's another little tip to decorate with:
Fill an old silver cup or bowl with small guords, pumpkins, acorns, and pearls!
So, that is definitely all for now, check back later for more posts to come soon!
In the meantime, light your candles and enjoy the new decorations you just set up on your shelf or mantle!





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