Mod Podge Sheet Music Pumpkins

Here's a pretty cute Fall decor idea you can try out:

                                                  Sheet Music Pumpkins!

It's very simple to do, and here's how: (I wanted to do this post earlier, but half of my tutorial pictures were gone! It's still a mystery to this day, but I'll try to do my best at explaining... Those pictures sure would have helped, though...)

Start with some sheet music of course, and by the way, you don't have to use this print. My room happens to be decorated in a music theme, and I wanted my pumpkins to match my decor, but you could always use newspaper, book pages, or anything really!

I stained my pages first. This is also very simple to do: Let the desired pages sit in new or used tea, (coffee can work too) for a few hours, and then hang them up to dry!
Rip off pieces and stick them on a choice pumpkin. (Don't blow big money on the pumpkins... they're going to get covered up anyway! Use the 97 - cent ones at Walmart!)
Use Mod Podge to keep the pieces on the pumpkin. This is the messiest part!

Let that dry overnight... ... ...

The next morning, you should have a nice and dry pumpkin.

But you might have to add more pieces of paper on the pumpkin, though. One of my pumpkins was a really dark orange and it was showing through the pages.  :o

So, after everything is dried and covered at last, add some details if you'd like:

They are different shades, I know.
I kept a couple in the tea for a really long time, and one for not so long. The other was never stained - just a plain sheet of paper to show you the differences in each pumpkin.
On the tops, I added Spanish Moss to one, a cute bow on the second, some leaves on the third one, and I left the fat one plain. :)
Whatever  detail you decide to finish it up with, I'm sure you will be impressed by your work!
Thanks for reading!



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