The Craft Show

Yesterday, we had a great craft show!
                                      This was my booth:                     
I was selling some various craft and jewelry items.
Fall and Christmas hand-painted wooden signs
This was my favorite:
Also, I made some bracelets, earrings and necklaces.
I displayed my necklaces on a mirror. That was a good idea because customers were using it to try on the necklaces.

(He he, I got my hot chocolate in the corner, there.)
I hung my earrings around a jewel-filled jar.
I also made some ornaments and I used a jar full of sticks as my "Christmas tree." It looked really cute on my table.
I was also selling some candle necklaces. A lot of people liked these.
And put the rest in a little trunk.
I was also selling some frosted jars. ( I will be posting instructions about making that craft later on!)
Those looked gorgeous on my table.

       And I welcomed visitors into my booth by setting up a sign with a little box of candy beside it. Everyone loves getting free stuff...

With my Christmas lights on and my candles lit, it made the perfect ambience for visitors to get that "Christmas-y" feel, making them want to buy more! I also had some Christmas music playing quietly in the background. (I had the CD player hiding under my table)

Also, here are the price tags I had on each item:
I painted snowmen on the clothespins and attached the price to it also.
It was a pretty good craft show. I was absolutely worn-out but I did well, as did the other crafters. It was a lot of fun, and I hope we have another one soon!
Thanks for reading!



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