Delicious White Hot Chocolate

Fall time is the perfect time for a nice warm cup of hot chocolate with a good book, curled up in a blanket!

This recipe is super easy, yet so delish! It's foamy, creamy, rich...

Thirsty yet? I'll give you the recipe... then you can go make it!

This recipe can make 2 servings:

*Start with 2 cups of milk. (Personally, I like using the stove top when making hot drinks!)

*Add 2 teaspoons of vanilla

*Add in 1 cup of white chocolate chips!
(I just realized that all of my recipes are under the "Health" label... Well, this one's not too healthy, but it sure is good!)
*Add caramel (Optional).
*Heat up all the ingredients until it starts to slightly bubble. You don't want it TOO hot!
* Pour your yummy - ness into the mugs and add whipped cream if desired
*Take a small sip and then enjoy the rest!
Thanks for reading!


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