Zombie Apocalypse Care Package

I just finished my latest package for my boyfriend this week! I'm so excited to show you how I put this together!

I just loved how it all came out! Daniel loves the Walking Dead TV series, and I decided to put an apocalypse survival box together, you know, just so he can be prepared. ;)

Here is the box:

I painted the flaps with acrylic paint, and stamped my painted hand print on the flaps, dragging my hand once I laid it on. I also added (a very badly painted)  bio hazard sign. I used a little bit of watered down paint to splatter "blood".

Here are some of his favorites I packed inside his box.

I covered them all with brown packaging paper, and labeled them to look like they are part of a survival kit.

Protein- Slim Jims
Water Purifier- Koolaid flavored powder for drinks
Zombie Repellent- Axe body Spray
TNT- Pop rocks
Carbs- Yakisoba or Maruchan
Rope- Sweet-tart (or nerds) rope
Energy- Granola bars
The Vaccine- Tic tacs
Bandages- Bandaids
Carol's Cookies (TWD reference)- Chips ahoy or Famous Amos
Fire Starters- Hot Cheetos
Adhesive Tape- Bubble tape

I also added a few more treats (unwrapped) to the box:

I ordered the freeze-dried icecream online- I'm curious to know how it tastes!

I also made some funny cards, jokes, and some references to the Walking Dead show. I attached a few to the box flaps.

Using the watered down paint again, I added more splatters on the cards. The zombie survival guide has pages of tips to survive the end of the world. 
Some of the cards shown say "Stay Safe", "If I were a zombie, I'd eat you last." "You help my survive." Etc.

Then I added some dollar store weapons inside the mix.

 That's actually a water gun painted black.

I decorated this bubble envelope for fun :) I just put some pictures and his personal letters inside. 

After I had attached the pictures and filled the box, I covered the box top with zombie tape. I ordered it on Amazon for like $5.

Thank you for stopping by! I hope this helps you get creative with your care package idea!


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